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College Football Picks NCAA Week 8
The biggest game on the slate this weekend is the 3:30 Saturday meeting of Texas A&M at #1 Alabama. Both teams are undefeated, though the Crimson Tide is a heavy favorite at home. Other key meetings include Ohio State at Penn State, Memphis at Navy, Ole Miss at LSU, Colorado at Stanford, and Wisconsin at Iowa. Fearless Rick's College Football Picks 10/19/2016

Week 7 NFL Pro Football Picks
Nearing the mid-point of the regular season, it's make-or-break time in the NFL. Key games this weekend include Buffalo at Miami, Minnesota at Philadelphia, San Diego at Atlanta, New England at Pittsburgh, Seattle at Arizona, and Houston at Denver (Monday night). Fearless Rick's NFL Football Picks 10/18/2016

Week 7 NCAA College Football Picks
Nearly half-way through the college regular season, some key games pop up this week including West Virginia at Texas Tech, NC State at Clemson, North Carolina at Miami, Alabama at Tennessee, and not to be missed Ohio State at Wisconsin. Fearless Rick's College Football Picks 10/12/2016

NFL Pro Football Picks Week 6
At 5-0 the Vikings are the only undefeated team remaining in the league and it will stay that way at least another week as Minnesota is on a bye. Meanwhile, a healthy slate of games this weekend features Cincinnati at New England, Philadelphia at Washington, Kansas City at Oakland, Dallas at Green Bay, Atlanta at Seattle, and the Colts at Houston (Sunday night). Fearless Rick's NFL Football Picks 10/11/2016

NCAA College Football Picks for Week 6
In what will probably be considered a slow week in the NCAA, there are still a number of choice match-ups with upset potential such as LSU at Florida, Oklahoma vs. Texas, Tennessee at Texas A&M, Alabama at Arkansas, and Washington State at Stanford. Fearless Rick's College Football Picks 10/5/2016

Fearless Rick's Week 5 NFL Pro Football Picks
Parity in the NFL may never have been better than this season, as just four weeks in only three teams have no losses, those being Minnesota, Denver and Philadelphia, the latter at 3-0, coming off a bye week. The Eagles will be tested in their meeting at Detroit, though the Lions are having their usual issues, such as losing. Other games of note include Washington at Baltimore, the return of Tom Brady and the Patriots at Cleveland, Houston at Minnesota, and Atlanta at Denver. Fearless Rick's NFL Football Picks 10/4/2016

Week 5 NCAA College Football Picks
The best match-up of the season so far pits Louisville against Clemson in a Saturday night special. Other key games include Wisconsin at Michigan, Memphis at Ole Miss, and Tennessee at Georgia. Also not to be missed is Friday night's PAC-12 clash, Stanford at Washington. Fearless Rick's College Football Picks 9/28/2016

Week 4 NFL Pro Football Picks
The Ravens, Patriots, Eagles, Vikings, and Broncos are all 3-0 and the only unbeaten teams in the NFL. Philadelphia earned a week off, meaning there will be at least one undefeated team hading into week five. Who will survive? Key meetings include the Broncos at Tampa Bay, Buffalo visiting New England, the Ravens hosting the Raiders, and the Vikings welcoming the Giants to Minnesota. Fearless Rick's NFL Football Picks 9/27/2016

Week 4 NCAA College Football Picks
College football has produced some marvelous games already this season, and week 4 looks like a few good ones are on the schedule, like Clemson at Georgia Tech, Wisconsin at Michigan State, Florida at Tennessee, Stanford at UCLA, and Arkansas vs. Texas A&M from Arlington. Fearless Rick's College Football Picks 9/21/2016

NFL Pro Football Picks for Week 3
After two weeks of NFL play, there are only eight teams with 2-0 marks, proving the league to be as competitive as ever. Some key meetings this week include Thursday night's Houston at New England game, then Sunday has Minnesota at Carolina, Detroit at Green Bay, the Jets at Kansas City and Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. Fearless Rick's NFL Football Picks 9/20/2016

NCAA Week 3 College Football Picks
Highlighed by prime time match-ups of Michigan State at Notre Dame and Ohio State at Oklahoma, week 3 of the college season offers a rich palate of colorful contests including USC at Stanford, Oregon at Nebraska, Alabama at Ole Miss, and Florida State at Louisville. An exciting week with much to like. Fearless Rick's College Football Picks 9/14/2016

Fearless Week Two NFL Football Picks
Fearless Rick and the unbiased coin flip each went 9-7 in Week One and offer picks for Week Two on all games, some of the more intriguing ones being Jets at Bills (Thursday), Kansas City at Houston, Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay at Arizona, and Green Bay at Minnesota. Fearless Rick's NFL Football Picks 9/13/2016

College Football NCAA Week 2 Picks
Tough to outdo last weekend's fiesta of football displayed by the collegians, but week two offers any number of intriguing match-ups for the involved fan. Topping the list are Western Kentucky at #1 Alabama, and Nevada looking to upend Notre Dame in South Bend. Other fine meetings include Tulsa at Ohio State, Virginia Tech at Tennessee, Arkansas at TCU, and Kentucky at Florida. Fearless Rick's College Football Picks 9/7/2016

It's ON! Week One NFL Football Picks
The annual wait through preseason is almost over, making it time for games that matter. NFL fans should have a feast on opening weekend, beginning with Thursday night's rematch of last season's Super Bowl, as the Panthers make a visit to the Broncos in Denver. Other games of note include Buffalo at Baltimore, Detroit at Indy, New England at Arizona, and Monday night's Rams at 49ers tilt. Fearless Rick's NFL Football Picks 9/6/2016

College Football Kicks Off: Week One Picks
It's time to put up or shut up for college football teams as week one kicks off with a slew of important games, not the least of which will be Saturday night's USC at Alabama and Clemson at Auburn, featuring the two teams that met in last season's national championship game. Other games of note include Notre Dame at Texas (Sunday), Ole Miss at Florida State (Monday), Kansas State at Stanford, and Oklahoma at Houston. Fearless Rick's College Football Picks 8/30/2016

Week Four NFL Football Preseason Picks
Dress rehearsal is over and teams are looking to make rosters complete in week four. Not many starters will see action, but there are some special situations in the last week of preseason. Fearless Rick's NFL Football Picks 8/30/2016

Week Three NFL Football Preseason Picks
Tradition says week three of the preseason features more starters than any other, so fans can get a better feel for the relative strengths and weaknesses of teams. Top games include New England at Carolina, Dallas at Seattle, Detroit at Baltimore, and Arizona at Houston.Fearless Rick's Football Picks 8/23/2016

NFL Preseason Picks For Week Two
A simple flip of a coin bested our ace prognosticator, Fearless Rick, last week, going 8-7-1, to the human's record of 6-9-1. Both the coin and our Fearless leader are back for week two's picks, with highlighted games including Cincinnati at Detroit, Kansas City at the Rams, Philly at Pittsburgh, Minnesota at Seattle and all the rest.Fearless Rick's Football Picks 8/16/2016

Fed's Williams Offers Up Desperate Economic Solutions
San Francisco Fed President, John Williams, released a paper on Monday outlining what he thinks should be done to spur growth in a low interest rate environment (which he helped create). Along with many other economic thinkers and the markets, Fearless Rick takes him and his central bank brethren to task. Money Daily 8/16/2016

Fearless Rick and Coin Flip NFL Preseason Picks Week One
After last week's fumble by the NFL, canceling the Hall of Fame game due to a bad paint job, fans are eager for kickoff, even if it's only preseason. Game of the week looks like Minnesoata at Cincinnati, but there are plenty of others and we've got them all covered. Fearless Rick's Football Picks 8/9/2016

NFL Preseason Picks: Hall of Fame Game
Yep, it's football season, with the traditional kickoff in Canton, OH, as the Indianapolis Colts meet the Green Bay Packers in the Hall of Fame Game. Green Bay was a playoff team last season, while the Colts fell short at 8-8. Fearless Rick offers insight and a coin flip to start off the season. Fearless Rick's Football Picks 8/5/2016

Too Much Drama: Brexit/Bremain And US Presidential Elections Are Sideshows To Be Ignored
How the media presentation and drawn-out coverage of the vote in England to stay in or leave the European Union and the US presidential election are comparable to childish temper tantrums, largely uncalled-for, over-the-top drama, and eventually of little consequence. Money Daily 6/22/2016

How We Almost Got Into A Donald Trump Rally
The story of Fearless Rick and friends being turned away from an overflow Donald Trump rally in Rochester, NY, and the failed attempt to get the Donald to autograph Rick's March 1990 Playboy magazine. Downtown Magazine Blog 4/12/2016
Link to Playboy March 1990 in Price Guide

Reading List: Playboy October 2004 Donald Trump Interview
Kicking off a new series on our blog, called "Reading List." With over 4000 magazines in stock, we have plenty of reading material and we thought these excerpts from a 2004 interview with current presidential candidate, Donald Trump, might be of particular interest. Downtown Magazine Blog 4/5/2016

This Sunday, February 7, the Denver Broncos meet the Carolina Panthers at Levi's Stadium in San Francisco for all the NFL marbles and Downtown Magazine has the pick. Fearless Rick's Football Picks 2/1/2016

Super Bowl Scores, MVPs, 1967-2015

Super Bowl Quiz

The top two seeds in each division have arrived at the penultimate games of the NFL championship season as New England visits Denver in the AFC and arizona travels to Carolina to take on the Panthers. The winners emerge to meet in SuperBowl 50 in two weeks time. Fearless Rick's Football Picks 1/19/2016

NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round Picks
Four big games this weekend, with the winners advancing to the respective conference championships. On Saturday, festivities get underway with Kansas City at New England, followed by Green Bay at Arizona. Sunday's games are Seattle at Carolina and then, Pittsburgh at Denver in prime time. Much to like. Fearless Rick's Football Picks 1/12/2016

College Football National Championship
The Clemson Tigers meet the Alabama Crimson Tide in college football's national championship game on Monday, January 11. Fearless Rick's Football Picks 1/6/2016

It's on to the playoffs in the NFL, with 12 teams vying for the win in Super Bowl 50, but first, wild card games pit Kansas City at Houston and Pittsburgh at Cincinnati on Saturday. On Sunday, it's all NFC, with Seattle at Minnesota early and Green Bay at Washington in the late game. Fearless Rick's Football Picks 1/5/2016

Money Daily Tackles the Best of Wall Street With 2016 Predictions
With the S&P and Dow Jones Industrials finishing 2015 officially in the red, what does 2016 portend? Find out the thinking of the best Wall Street analysts and then ponder fresh insights provided by the New and Improved Money Daily. Money Daily 12/31/2015

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