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NCAA College Football 2010-11 Week 4 Top 25

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NCAA College Football Top 25 - Week 4

Rick Gagliano | Through games of September 25, 2010

1. Alabama 4-0
2. Boise State 3-0
3. Ohio State 4-0
4. TCU 4-0
5. Nebraska 4-0
6. Oregon 4-0
7. Stanford 4-0
8. Wisconsin 4-0
9. Auburn 4-0
10. Michigan 4-0
11. Florida 4-0
12. Oklahoma 4-0
13. Michigan St. 4-0
14. LSU 4-0
15. North Carolina St. 4-0
16. Arkansas 3-1
17. Arizona 4-0
18. Utah 4-0
19. Iowa 3-1
20. Nevada 4-0
21. Texas A&M 3-0
22. Texas 3-1
23. USC 4-0
24. South Carolina 3-1
25. Penn State 3-1

--- Week 4 Notes below ---

Week 4 Notes:

Alabama's come-from-behind road win at Arkansas was further evidence of just how strong the Crimson Tide really is, and a warning to the rest of the college football universe that these crimson-clad warriors have not lost a stop on defense, but rather, matured as an offensive juggernaut and an improving defensive squad.

The Tide literally tore apart the Razorbacks in the second half of their 24-20 victory, limiting Arkansas to a lone 48-yard field goal. After that, the Arkansas offense was limited to desperate throws and a one-dimensional offense as the Alabama defenders completely stuffed the running game.

Being the team to beat, Alabama faces tough tests the next two weeks, against Florida and at South Carolina, though their most serious challenge may be well down the road, in their traditional season finale against the Auburn Tigers, who are also 4-0, having just knocked off the Gamecocks, 35-27.

Boise State confirmed once again that playing them on their home surface is pure folly, as they punished Oregon State, 37-24. The poor Beavers are possibly the best 1-2 team in the nation, having already lost to both Boise and TCU, though their one win - over Louisville - was hardly convincing. Look for them to play spoiler in the PAC-10, the conference which is producing big wins both inside and out of the conference.

The two substantial PAC-10 out-of-conference wins were Stanford's 37-14 demolition of Notre Dame and UCLA decapitation of Texas, 34-12, as both wins were on the road. Add those to Arizona's home win over Iowa and Arizona State's near miss at Wisconsin last week and one has to include the conference winner in almost any discussion of a national championship game.

The two leading candidates from the conference which may find its way to a big finale are Oregon and Arizona. The Ducks stung Arizona St., 42-31, while the Wildcats slipped by Cal, 10-9, both keeping their records at 4-0. The Ducks, ranked #6 the past two weeks are a legitimate front-runner, but will have to prove themselves next week against Stanford and against Arizona in late November. The schedule is kind to Oregon in that they catch both foes at home.

#3 Ohio State blistered Eastern Michigan, as expected, 73-20, and should have an easy time of it until playing at Wisconsin on October 16. The Buckeyes are at Illinois next week and host Indiana on October 9.

TCU retained its #4 ranking with a Thursday 41-24 win at SMU, while #5 Nebraska looked a bit sheepish beating South Dakota St., 17-3. The Cornhuskers may have been suffering a slight emotional letdown after their road trip to Washington where they whipsawed the Huskies, 56-21.

Stanford, Auburn, Wisconsin and Michigan rounded out the top 10.

The entire Top 25 now includes five 1-loss teams, beginning with #16 Arkansas, followed by #19 Iowa, #22 Texas and South Carolina and Penn St., at #24 and #25, respectively.

Perhaps the biggest surprise comes from North Carolina State, which improved to 4-0 and moved up the rankings from #24 to #15 with a relatively-easy-looking, 45-28 win at Georgia Tech.

Also not to be ignored is Nevada, which moved from #25 last week to #20 in the current rankings, after winning on the road, 27-13, over BYU.

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