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NFL Pro Football 2010 Preseason Week 4 Picks

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Pro Football Preseason Week 4 Picks - late games


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Fearless Rick's NFL Preseason Week 4 Picks - Early Games

Rick Gagliano | September 2

All times Eastern - Click here for late games.

Thursday, Sept. 2

7:00 pm Buffalo at Detroit (-5, 38 1/2) - This should be an interesting affair, as both squads are still trying to size up a lot of talent and fit players into the right spots. It's doubtful whether we'll be treated to any C.J. Spiller highlights, as the Bills' first round draft pick has emerged as a possible rookie with impact, but Marshawn Lynch will play and be looking to impress with his job somewhat at stake. With second and third stringers everywhere, Lynch may break one or two good runs and that could be the difference.

Prediction: Bills 21 Lions 17

7:00 pm Cincinnati (-6 1/2, 36 1/2) at Indianapolis - The Colts just hate preseason and they are 0-3, soon to go 0-4. Peyton Manning will suit up but that's all, as the Colts are still trying to shake off last week's 59-24 humilation at the hands of the Packers. A gut feeling that all is not right with the reigning AFC champs after that game. Manning still has command of the offense, but the defense has been sluggish, to say the least. Lots of missed coverage and mistakes against Green Bay lead to more of the same against the up-and-coming Bengals.

Prediction: Bengals 24 Colts 10

7:00 pm New England at N.Y. Giants (-3, 37 1/2) - There may be a grudge or two still lingering over the outcome of the 2009 Super Bowl, so this may turn into a better game than originally thought. The problem for both teams is a lack of depth, something that will become very evident about half-way through the third quarter. The Patriots have more hungry guys on defense, so they should be putting the stops on the Giants late and maybe produce a game-changing turnover or two.

Prediction: Patriots 23 Giants 17


7:30 pm Atlanta at Jacksonville (-2 1/2,37 1/2) - The Jaguars have a secret weapon named Luke McCown, who will get most of the snaps in this event since he's officially the second string QB. That spells trouble for Atlanta's reserves, because McCown is clearly gunning for the starting job.

If the Falcons can't contain McCown over the first few series, this one should be over, as Jacksonville's defense has been pretty solid during the preseason. Not that the Falcons aren't pretty good, it's just that starters aren't going to play and the Jags are getting points at home, two real positives.

Prediction: Jaguars 24 Falcons 10

--- Story continues below ---

7:30 pm Carolina at Pittsburgh (-6 1/2, 37) - The Steelers have not looked very good in any of their three games this preseason, though they've managed to win two of them. The 34-17 loss hung on them last week by the Broncos pointed up some of Pittsburgh's failings: poor QB play, shaky special teams and a severe lack of red zone offense.

Carolina doesn't offer much in the way of offense, but the defense has allowed an average of just 11 points per game, and it's understood that the defense is going to have to win some games for them this season. Here's their chance to prove themselves.

Prediction: Panthers 20 Steelers 13

7:30 pm N.Y. Jets at Philadelphia (-1 1/2, 34) - Talk about shaky! The Jets' offense looks like they just got off the space shuttle and are stumbling around without proper equilibrium. Scoring just 12 points per game on average this preseason, New Yorkers will have to wait until week 1 of the regular season to see if golden boy Sanchez can replicate the magic of last year. Additionally, not having Darrelle Revis out there is really beginning to effect play in the secondary.

Philadelphia hasn't exactly blown anybody away with their offense either, and it will become clear that Kevin Kolb is not the second coming of Donvan McNabb. It also may be apparent that Michael Vick needs better protection or at least some plays to utilize his wheels more. All that being said, this looks like a pass as far as wagering is concerned, but the home boys should manage to find a way to win. Maybe David Akers? He's been a bright spot for the Eagles.

Prediction: Eagles 16 Jets 13

8:00 pm Baltimore at St. Louis (-3, 38) - Following his performance in last week's 36-35 win at New England, it's unclear how many snaps sam Bradford is going to get, but he'll likely be in there for at least a quarter, maybe two. Th kid looked excellent against the Pats, but this is Baltimore, and defense is their passion.

With many of the Ravens' starters sitting this one out, Bradford may be able to uncork a few bombs and get the Rams on the scoreboard early. If he can do that, trust the St. Louis reserves to preserve the lead and come away with a win.

On top of that, Troy Smith will handle the ball for most of the second half, a situation which usually evolves into a lot of punting and/or turnovers.

Prediction: Rams 27 Ravens 17

8:00 pm Chicago (-3, 36 1/2) at Cleveland - The Bears couldn't get any offense going against Arizona, so that should turn some heads and question once again whether Jay Cutler is actually a good QB for this team. After throwing a pair of picks, Cutler gave way to Dan LeFevour, who has struggled and may not make the team, according to reports.

So, Todd Collins, who is too old to be running around with a bunch of bench players, signed on with the Bears and may see quite a bit of action. Having been on board for just a week, don't expect Collins to instantly pick up all the nuances of the Bears' offense, so the Browns, at home, should win this one by default.

Prediction: Browns 21 Bears 6

All times Eastern - Click here for late games

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