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NCAA College Football 2013-14 Week 14 Top 25

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NCAA College Football Top 25 - Week 14

Rick Gagliano | Through games of November 30, 2013

1 Ohio State 12-0
2 Florida State 12-0
3 Michigan State 10-1
4 Auburn 11-1
5 Missouri 11-1
6 Oklahoma State 10-1
7 Alabama 11-1
8 UCF 10-1
9 Northern Illinois 11-0
10 Stanford 10-2
11 South Carolina 10-2
12 Louisville 10-1
13 Baylor 10-1
14 Oregon 10-2
15 Clemson 10-2
16 Oklahoma 9-2
17 Arizona State 10-2
18 Fresno State 10-1
19 Texas 8-3
20 Duke 10-2
21 LSU 9-3
22 Wisconsin 9-3
23 UCLA 9-3
24 Iowa 8-4
25 Washington 8-4

--- Week 14 Notes below ---

Week 14 Notes:

The Irony of the Iron Bowl

Thanks to a replay showing that Crimson Tide running back T.J. Yeldon had touched out of bounds with a fraction of a second remaining and the game tied, 28-28, Alabama head coach Nick Saban took the opportunity to try for a game-winning, 57-yard field goal as time expired in the annual season-ending Iron Bowl with Auburn.

What happened next was the most ironic, iconic game-winning plays of all time, when redshirt freshman Adam Griffith's field goal attempt fell short and to the right, into the hands of Chris Davis, who fielded the ball cleanly about eight yards deep in the Auburn end zone.

Davis took the ball out of the end zone, veered to his left and headed up the sideline, his momentum nearly taking him out of bounds, but, once past the 50-yard-line, into the clear past the flailing Alabama place-kicking team, for the game-winning touchdown, a 34-28 Auburn victory in the most thrilling and consequential Iron Bowl of all time.

Auburn's win catapulted them into the SEC championship game against Missouri, which beat Texas A&M, 28-21, later in the evening, securing their position as the champions of the SEC West.

Alabama's defeat took them completely out of the opportunity to compete for a third straight national championship, and threw the entire BCS process - thankfully, being scrapped after this season - into an unforeseen scenario, in which Ohio State and Florida State are now the only undefeated teams in the country (aside from Northern Illinois, from the Mid-American conference), chased by no less than nine one-loss teams.

Auburn's win may finally cause the national championship game to be played without an entrant from the SEC, widely believed - and with good merit - to be the strongest conference, top-to-bottom, though all that could change next week in the unlikely event that Duke upsets Florida State in the ACC championship game, or, the more likely occurrence of Michigan State ending Ohio State's unbeaten streak in the Big Ten championship.

Earlier in the day, Florida State easily outdistanced Florida, 37-7, remaining unbeaten at 12-0, and Ohio State also stayed undefeated, with their 42-41 victory over Michigan, decided when the Wolverines decided to win or lose the game by going for two points after scoring a touchdown with just under 30 seconds to play. Their two-point try failed, and Ohio State escaped the Big House with the win. Michigan head coach Brady Hoke has yet to be criticized widely for his two-point try, though it's a certainty that many in the college community - students and alumni alike - may wish he had gone for the sure thing, tied the game and taken his team's chances in overtime.

As it turned out, he may have inadvertently handed Ohio State the national championship, or, at least, the chance to play for it. One questions what Hoke's call would have been had he known the outcome of the Auburn-Alabama game.

Thus, the ACC, SEC and Big Ten championship games will carry consequences for the winners and losers.

At this point, the only teams with any chance of playing for the ultimate prize of college football are Ohio State, Florida State, Michigan State, Auburn and Missouri (placing 1-5 in this week's rankings), though two of those teams: either Auburn or Missouri, and Ohio State or Michigan State, will be eliminated at the conclusion of play next Saturday.

Oklahoma State took occupancy of the #6 spot, though they were idle, while Alabama dropped to #7. UCF, Northern Illinois and Stanford complete the Top 10.

Dropping their final regular season games were #5 Clemson, 31-17 losers at South Carolina (#11) and #7 Fresno State, losing for the first time this season, 62-52, at San Jose State. Wisconsin, ranked #13 last week, threw in the anchor at home, losing to Penn State, 31-24, for their third loss, dropping them to #22.

UCLA topped USC, dropping the Trojans out of the Top 25, with the Bruins taking up residency at #23, with a 9-3 record.

Notre Dame, ranked #25 last week, lost at Stanford, 27-20, and also dropped out of the rankings. Iowa made their first appearance - and also the first appearance of a four-loss team - in the rankings at #24, pounding Nebraska, 38-17 on Friday.

Likewise, 8-4 Washington took the final spot with a 27-17 win over in-state rival Washington State.

Other teams in the Top 25 really didn't distinguish themselves well, pointing up just how contentious college football can be week-to-week and why a four-team playoff, as proposed for next year, will be insufficient to satisfy the desires of many fans who would prefer a playoff regimen of anywhere from eight to 16 teams, a tournament that would be more in line with other major sports and determinant of a true national champion.

#8 UCF squeezed past unheralded South Florida, 23-20; #21 LSU salvaged some respect, beating Arkansas with a late touchdown, 31-27. #13 Baylor held on by virtue of a late turnover, defeating TCU, 41-38; #20 Duke needed a late field goal to dispose of North Carolina, 27-25, and, #14 Oregon won by the narrowest of margins on a late score, 36-35, at Oregon State.

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