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NCAA College Football 2015-16 Week 8 Top 25

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NCAA College Football Top 25 - Week 8

Rick Gagliano | Through games of October 24, 2015

1. Ohio State 8-0
2. TCU 7-0
3. Michigan State 8-0
4. Baylor 7-0
5. Clemson 7-0
6. Alabama 7-1
7. LSU 7-0
8. Iowa 7-0
9. Oklahoma State 7-0
10. Notre Dame 6-1
11. Oklahoma 6-1
12. Duke 6-1
13. Florida State 6-1
14. Stanford 6-1
15. Utah 6-1
16. Memphis 7-0
17. Florida 6-1
18. Houston 7-0
19. Michigan 5-2
20. Ole Miss 6-2
21. Toledo 7-0
22. North Carolina 6-1
23. Temple 7-0
24. Pittsburgh 6-1
25. Appalachian State 6-1

--- Week 8 Notes below ---

Week 8 Notes:

Seminoles, Utes Bounced from Top 10; Conference Showdowns Looming

As the leaves fall, so do teams from the ranks of the undefeated, week eight claiming two more victims, Florida State and Utah, each of which fell to conference foes on the road.

The Seminoles were stung by the Yellow Jackets at Georgia Tech, 22-16, while the Utes were demolished and demoralized by one of the country's most enigmatic teams, the USC Trojans, 42-24. The 4-3 Trojans have been through turmoil upon turmoil, including a mid-season coaching change, but continue to fight on as a group. At just 2-2 in the conference, the Trojans are still in the hunt for the South division, now having a win over Utah, with more important games to come for all involved, including UCLA and Arizona State, both also 2-2 in the PAC-12.

As interesting as the PAC-12 race is, so too, the looming showdowns in various other conferences. #1 Ohio State and #3 Michigan State will meet late in November (11/21) in a game hosted by the Buckeyes which should decide the Big Ten East and the right to represent against the Iowa Hawkeyes, the surprise of the Big Ten West at 7-0.

The Buckeyes and Spartans both were winners in week eight, with Ohio State romping past Rutgers, 49-7, and Michigan State exploding late for a 52-26 victory over the Indiana Hoosiers.

Other conference races to watch include the collision course on which Baylor and TCU are following in the Big 12. #2 TCU was idle this week, while the Bears were held well under their season average though still easily winning over Iowa State, 45-27.

Not to be outdone, the SEC West has a blockbuster of a game coming up next weekend, as #6 Alabama hosts #7 LSU on November 7. The game is an annual rite of passage in the South and this season's episode seems certain not to disappoint.

Alabama struggled against a resolute defense in the Tennessee Volunteers, eventually overcoming their guests to the tune of a 19-14 victory. The Tigers had an out-of-conference experience, whipping up on Western Kentucky, 48-20.

Also on the radar is the American Athletic conference, with the trio of unbeaten teams: Memphis, Houston, and Temple, all 7-0. Memphis will have the toughest test of the three, as they play both Houston and Temple on the road in consecutive weeks, November 14 and 21, respectively. The Owls and Cougars do not play each other this season, though they could meet in a conference championship showdown.

Further down the Top 25 ladder, Texas A&M which was #7 just two weeks ago, lost their second straight game, their week eight loss being dealt by Ole Miss, 23-3, which moved the Rebels a few notches higher, from #22 to #20. The Aggies, which entered the week at #14, were dropped out.

Back in the PAC-12, the Golden Bears of Cal were dealt their second loss of the season, losing on Thursday night to the UCLA Bruins, 40-24. While the win wasn't enough to boost the Bruins back into the rankings, the loss was enough to dash Cal down and out, from #18 into the abyss.

A final note on the final entrant in the rankings, Appalachian State, the only Sun Belt team to be recognized, checks in at #25. The Mountaineers are 6-1, their most recent win coming against Georgia Southern, 31-13, this week. Their only loss of the season was at Clemson, a 41-10 beating in September. Considering that the Tigers walloped Miami (in South Florida) by an unbelievable, 58-10, the Mountaineer loss looks good by comparison and the Tigers - now the only unbeaten team in the ACC - appear headed for post-season glory.

Clemson hosts Florida State on November 7.

At the end of the week there remained an even dozen undefeated teams, though that number is certain to be reduced in the helter-skelter month of November.

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