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NFL Pro Football 2015 Week 2 Preseason Picks

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Pro Football Week 2 Preseason Picks - late games


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Fearless Rick's NFL Week 2 Preseason Picks - Early Games

Rick Gagliano | August 20-24, 2015

All times Eastern - Click here for late games.

Thursday, August 20

7:30 pm Detroit at Washington (-1, 40) - Washington will be 2-0 when this one is over. The Redskins showed that their defense may actually be on the upswing this season, with lots of new faces.

For Detroit, they're probably content having Palin waste to the Jets, 23-3, in their first game, so they'll be just tweaking the offense and not looking to stress their star players.

Prediction: Redskins 20 Lions 14

8:00 pm Buffalo at Cleveland (-1, 40) - The Bills had the misfortune of losing by a point in their opener, at home, to the Panthers. Now they must go on the road, but, at least, they've found a starting quarterback for the time being in Tyrod Taylor, who looked good moving the ball with his hands as well as his feet. Cleveland was also a loser - 20-17 to the Redskins - so they'll be motivated in their second straight home game.

No matter that this is a preseason game, these two teams have a spirited rivalry which should produce a close game with the Browns coming out on top.

Prediction: Browns 24 Bills 21

Friday, August 21

7:30 pm Atlanta at N.Y. Jets (-1, 39) - Seriously, the Jets are like a ship without a rudder, especially after their starting QB got punched in the face by a teammate. If anyone out there has an opinion on why the Jets will win more than three games this season, many people would love to hear it.

We hear crickets.

Prediction: Falcons 38 Jets 13

--- Story continues below ---

Seattle at Kansas City (even, 40 1/2) - Probably the best match-up of the weekend, pitting two probable playoff teams in what amounts to a talent contest. Seattle may enter the regular season without a preseason win, which is not a good sign for a rah-rah kind of coach like Pete Carroll.

Hangover from the dumbest call ever in a Super Bowl? Yeah.

Prediction: Chiefs 27 Seahawks 17

Saturday, August 22

7:00 pm Baltimore at Philadelphia (-3, 44 1/2) - Most of the public is going to side with the Eagles. After all, they hammered the Colts, 36-10, last week, and now they're home again for this little match with the neighboring Ravens.

Baltimore will need to step it up a bit on defense, though one cannot be too ashamed at giving up 27 points to the Saints, especially since the Ravens offense scored 30. So, Ravens go 2-0 if the coaching staff has the defense fired up.

Prediction: Ravens 26 Ealges 17

--- Story continues below ---

7:00 pm Miami at Carolina (even, 40) - Carolina won their opener at Buffalo while the Dolphins were somewhat embarrassed by the Bears in Chicago, 27-10.

Chances are good that the defensive coaches have lit a fire under some players this week in practice, and the offense may have an idea about keeping starters on the field a little longer than normal for week two of preseason. The Dolphins should show up ready to rock.

Prediction: Dolphins 30 Panthers 21

7:30 pm New England at New Orleans (even, 43) - Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees, at least for the first quarter. New Englanders are probably not feeling much love from their gridiron heroes, but, hey, it is preseason.

New Orleans still has plenty of work to do on defense, and its not like the Patriots are playing the Packers (as they did - and lost to - last week).

The Patriots make amends here for stumbling out of the gate last week.

Prediction: Patriots 30 Saints 20

7:30 pm Jacksonville at N.Y. Giants (-3, 40 1/2) - OK, the Jaguars won their game for the preseason (23-21 over Pittsburgh), so now the Giants will get them more accustomed to losing again.

Panthers are not at home, and the Giants lost last week at Cincinnati, so a solid showing for the hometown crowd should be forthcoming. If not, look for a major shakeup. The Giants are not a "steady-as-she-goes" type of team, but they should manage a win here.

Prediction: Giants 28 Jaguars 20

7:30 pm Chicago at Indianapolis (-3, 41) - The Colts really need to get back on track after their drubbing at Philly last week (36-10), and home cooking, plus a visit from an overconfident bunch from Chicago should be just what the doctor ordered.

That may be the most mixed metaphorical statement in the history of sports writing, but Indy will still find a way to win.

Prediction: Colts 24 Bears 16

All times Eastern - Click here for late games

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