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NFL Pro Football 2015 Week 3 Preseason Picks

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Pro Football Week 3 Preseason Picks - late games


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Fearless Rick's NFL Week 3 Preseason Picks - Early Games

Rick Gagliano | August 27-30, 2015

All times Eastern - Click here for late games.

Friday, August 28

7:30 pm New England at Carolina (even, 44) - The Tom Brady debacle has taken a back seat to preseason play and that's probably a good thing. New England got their first win of the preseason last week against the Saints, though it had nothing to do with Brady, the Pats scoring 12 points in the 4th quarter to register the 26-24 upset.

New England should prevail, even though they're on the road and the Panthers are 2-0. Both of Carolina's wins have been by one point, but the Patriots are not likely to allow Cam Newton much room to operate.

Prediction: Patriots 23 Panthers 17

8:00 pm Tennessee at Kansas City (-4 1/2, 43) - 2-0 Chiefs have the largest point differential in the conference (+16), and should handle the Titans, who will come back to earth on the road after handling the Rams, 27-14, last week.

Kansas City's defense should put the clamps down on rookie Marcus Mariota and cruise to their third straight preseason victory.

Prediction: Chiefs 31 Titans 16

8:00 pm Detroit at Jacksonville (-1, 42) - Beaten by the Redskins, 21-17, last week, the Lions have to put out a better effort against the Jaguars, even though the Jaguars are 1-0 at home. The Giants handed them a 22-12 defeat last week, and, if the Giants can do that, imagine what a real football team, such as the Lions, can do.

Might not be very close.

Prediction: Lions 27 Jaguars 10

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Saturday, August 29

4:00 pm Pittsburgh at Buffalo (-1, 42 1/2) - Buffalo has found themselves a quarterback in Tyrod Taylor, who will probably be the starter and play into the third quarter (he needs all the reps he can get).

While the Steelers (who surprised the Packers last week, 24-19) may not be as easy a mark as the Browns - though the Bills won by a mere point, 11-10 - Buffalo's defense should have a field day against the one-dimensional Pittsburgh offense.

Prediction: Bills 21 Steelers 14

7:00 pm Minnesota at Dallas (even, 42) - Trouble brewing in Big D if the Cowboys don't show some offense, as they're 0-2 and last week's poor, six point output against the 49ers is not going to cut it.

Tough luck for Cowboys fans because the Vikings appear to be a team on a mission, at least in the preseason, where they've put up three straight wins and have outscored opponents by nearly 10 points per outing. Vikings go 4-0.

Prediction: Vikings 27 Cowboys 17

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7:00 pm Atlanta at Miami (-3, 44) - Miami (0-2) is desperate for a win to at least get the feeling of what it feels like to leave the field a winner, and they're probably going to get some help from Atlanta's defense, which has yielded, on average, 27 points per game thus far.

Any team that can give up 30 points to the Jets, as in Atlanta's, 30-22 loss last week in NY, cannot be very good. Miami has yet to prove they can sustain long drives, but this week should be a different story.

Prediction: Dolphins 28 Falcons 20

7:00 pm N.Y. Jets at N.Y. Giants (even, 42 1/2) - Hate to say this, New Yorkers, but neither of your football teams looks like they have what it takes to make the playoffs.

Both squads are 1-1, so this game should provide some insight into which is actually the better of a bad pair. Be prepared for a boring, defensive struggle, but a late Jets score providing the win.

Prediction: Jets 17 Giants 13

7:00 pm Cleveland at Tampa Bay (-2 1/2, 41 1/2) - There have been signs of life in Tampa Bay with James Winston running the show at QB.

The Buccaneers have a win to their credit, a shocking 25-11 victory over the Bengals, and, they get to stay home for this Week 3 test.

Cleveland has a QB problem of their own, being that Josh McCown, the starter, has experience and is OK, but backup Johnny Manziel needs reps and probably doesn't like to sit much. Expect an explosion of Cleveland offense and a resounding road win for the Browns.

Prediction: Browns 34 Buccaneers 21

All times Eastern - Click here for late games

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