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NFL Pro Football 2015 Week 4 Picks

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Pro Football Week 4 Picks - late games


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Fearless Rick's NFL Week 4 Picks - Early Games

Rick Gagliano | October 1-4

All times Eastern - Click here for late games.

Thursday, October 1

Baltimore Ravens (-1, 44) at Pittsburgh Steelers 8:25 pm - Without Ben Roethlisberger (injuring in Pittsburgh's 12-6 win over St. Louis last week), the Steelers will have to rely on Mike Vick to fuel their offense, a daunting task, especially facing a division rival on the ropes.

Baltimore suffered their third straight loss and still seeks its first win of the season after being dumped by Cincinnati last week, 28-24). It doesn't help Flacco and company that this will be the Ravens' third road game in the first four weeks of the season, but it could start a run by Baltimore that gets it back into contention.

Winning sooner, rather than later, is key for Baltimore. Facing a division foe without a QB is a big plus.

Prediction: Ravens 21 Steelers 10

Sunday, October 4

New York Jets (-1, 41 1/2) at Miami Dolphins (London) 9:30 am - Miami looked absolutely stupefied losing their home opener to the Bills, 41-14, while the Jets took their first loss of the season, losing at home to a desperate Eagles team, 24-17.

The way Miami is playing, just about any team could beat them, and the Jets qualify as just about any team. Nothing special about the Jets except their defense, which has been very good through three weeks, allowing just 41 points, still the best in the league, at 13.7 ppg.

Prediction: Jets 24 Dolphins 7

Houston Texans at Atlanta Falcons (-7, 47) 1:00 pm - The Falcons improved to 3-0 after defeating Dallas - without Tony Romo - 39-28 on the road last week, and gets back to the Georgia Dome.

While the Falcons have been awesome offensively, scoring nearly 30 points per game, the defense is allowing 24, so their unbeaten record may be in jeopardy against the 1-2 Texans.

The Texans got their initial win of 2015 with a 19=9 win at home over the Buccaneers, a team with plenty of upside. This could be a real barn-burner of a contest, with the Texans pulling out a win late.

Prediction: Texans 30 Falcons 27

New York Giants at Buffalo Bills (-7, 46 1/2) 1:00 pm - It's been a while since the Bills have been favored over anyone by a touchdown or more, but they have been quite good this season, especially last week, dominating the punchless Dolphins in a 41-14 rout.

The Giants are also coming off a win, having topped Washington last Thursday, 32-21, and the NY defense did its part until the 4th quarter, when the Redskins came close to pulling off the upset.

While the Bills look better than their downstate rivals, the Giants should make this closer than people may expect.

Prediction: Bills 26 Giants 21

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Oakland Raiders (-2 1/2, 44 1/2) at Chicago Bears 1:00 pm - Without Jay Cutler, the Bears are even worse than they were supposed to be heading into the regular season, which is bad news for Bears fans. Chicago was shut out in Seattle, last week, 26-0.

Oakland is a surprising 2-1 and should get another win easily over a team without any kind of offense. The Raiders won on the road last week, topping the Browns, 27-20, and should continue their Midwest adventure with another victory.

Advice to Bears fans: the Cubs are a better team to cheer for and watch. They actually win games.

Prediction: Raiders 34 Bears 13

Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals (-3 1/2, 44 1/2) 1:00 pm - Kansas City is having problems finding wins, now 1-2, they are headed to play a red-hot, 3-0, Bengals team that appears better and better each week.

The Chiefs are coming off a Monday night loss and that usually spells trouble. KC's offense isn't the problem, but the defense has allowed 89 points in three games, fourth-worst in the league.

Bengals are rolling, so this could be a problem for the Chiefs though the final score could be a close call.

Prediction: Bengals 28 Chiefs 24

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts (-10, 48) 1:00 pm - OK, so the Jags got hammered by the Patriots up in Foxboro last week, 51-17, but that's really not news, is it?

New England is tearing through the offensive record books thus far and gets a bye this week. Meanwhile, Jack travels to Indy, where the Colts are breating a little easier, having rallying to off the Titans, 35-33.

The Colts aren't playing particularly well. The Jaguars aren't supposed to be very good, and all the teams in the AFC South are 1-2, so it's too early to call the Colts 10 points better than the Jaguars.

Prediction: Jaguars 23 Colts 21

--- Story continues below ---

Carolina Panthers (-3, 40) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 pm - OK, sure, the Buccaneers are better than they were last season, but, guess what? So are the Panthers.

This one should be pretty easy for Carolina, despite being on the road against a divisional foe.

The Panthers won both meetings last season, winning in Tampa Bay by six, 20-14. Should be even worse this time.

Prediction: Panthers 28 Buccaneers 9

Philadelphia Eagles (-3, 47 1/2) at Washington Redskins 1:00 pm - Washington is going nowhere with Kirk Cousins at QB and there may be a switch to RG3 by game time or a change if the 'Skins fall behind early.

The Eagles have found new life after defeating the Jets, 24-17, last week, and should have an easier time of it against the 1-2 Redskins, who already have losses to the Dolphins and Giants, which says a bunch about their quality.

Prediction: Eagles 31 Redskins 17

All times Eastern - Click here for late games

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