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NFL Pro Football 2015 Week 5 Picks

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Pro Football Week 5 Picks - late games


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Fearless Rick's NFL Week 5 Picks - Early Games

Rick Gagliano | October 8-11

All times Eastern - Click here for late games.

Thursday, October 8

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans (even, 45) 8:25 pm - Apparently, even having Andrew Luck starting at QB is not convincing enough to make the Colts a road favorite.

This is despite the fact that Houston is 1-3 and was beaten senseless at Atlanta last week, 48-21. The Falcons had a 42-0 lead before the Texans got on the board. Houston scored 21 fourth quarter points courtesy of backup QB Brian Hoyer.

Whether or not Luck is healthy enought to last the entire game, both teams are playing a brand of football that should be banned by the league - in a word, lousy.

Best side with the home team in a game that has plenty of possibilities. Neither team has shown much in the way of defense, so expect a high score.

Prediction: Texans 36 Colts 31

Sunday, October 11

Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons (-9 1/2, 47 1/2) 1:00 pm - There's just no slowing down the Falcons who may not lose a game until sometime in November.

Very tough spot for the Redskins, who showed they could beat Philadelphia last week, but proves little.

Falcons should steamroll to 5-0.

Prediction: Falcons 35 Redskins 10

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens (-7, 43) 1:00 pm - Baltimore squeaked by a wounded Pittsburgh team last Thursday, 23-20, for their first win of the season, while the Browns took San Diego to the wire, losing 30-27.

Being a division game, which are usually close, one has to have a sneaking suspicion that Cleveland will be geared up for this game. It's still very early in the season and not the time to give up or give in. Could be a real stunner for fans of the Ravens, a team not playing very well.

Prediction: Browns 24 Ravens 17

Seattle Seahawks at Cincinnati Bengals (-2 1/2, 43) 1:00 pm - After Monday night's fiasco (Lions were robbed of victory by incompetent referees), Seattle has scant hope of winning this road contest against a Bengals team clicking on all aspects.

Cincinnati is not 4-0 for no reason. They are, in all probability, headed to the AFC North division crown and into the playoffs come January. They have improved each season over the last five and are a monster in the making. Seattle has almost no chance against them as the Seahawks offense is very limited and many teams have come up with exotic defenses to stop Russell Wilson and his cohorts. Incidentally, would-be superstar tight end, Jimmy Graham, is averaging 43.5 yards per game receiving, so, not so super.

Prediction: Bengals 31 Seahawks 10

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St. Louis Rams at Green Bay Packers (-10 1/2, 46) 1:00 pm - If there's any team capable of putting the defensive clamps down on the Greeen Bay offense it would certainly be the Rams, as evidenced by their win over Carson Palmer and Arizona last week.

The Packers are, without a doubt, one of the top two or three teams in the conference, but the Rams have thus far proven themselves against divisional foes, Seattle and Arizona, and they might extend that versus non-divisional opponents.

4-0 Green Bay needs some competition and the thinking is that the Rams will give them some.

Prediction: Packers 23 Rams 20

Chicago Bears at Kansas City Chiefs (-11, 45) 1:00 pm - The Bears shocked Oakland, 22-20, earning their first win of the season, but they are still a second-rate team that isn't likely to make the playoffs.

Kansas City (also 1-3) has not lived up to its preseason billing, especially after Jamaal Charles' deflating fumble which cost them the game against Denver a few weeks back. This team is struggling mightily and needs to come together with a solid effort for a win at home, which should help. Last week's 36-21 mugging at Cincinnati doesn't help the outlook.

The Chiefs are probably going to win this game only because they're a better team than the Bears, but it's by no means a gimme, given the way they've been playing.

Prediction: Chiefs 31 Bears 26

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New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles (-4 1/2, 49) 1:00 pm - 1-3 Eagles are an inconsistent sort of team that doesn't have the proper personnel and the lack of consistent offense is putting undue pressure on the defense.

New Orleans is likewise 1-3, after beating Dallas Sunday night in a prime time contest. With Drew Brees at QB - even if he's not 100% - the Saints are always dangerous and this line is not discounting that tidbit.

This particular contest should be closer to even, given the relative play of both teams and the early point of the season.

Prediction: Saints 34 Eagles 27

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2 1/2, 42 1/2) 1:00 pm - Battle of the bottom-dwellers is made more interesting for fantasy players stretching their lineups with Blake Bartles vs. James Winston, but, in the final analysis, Jacksonville has a marginally more efficient offense that should come out ahead at the final gun.

This one will definitely not be pretty. Solely for the hard-core fan or people asleep on the couch.

Prediction: Jaguars 19 Buccaneers 13

Buffalo Bills (-2 1/2, 42 1/2) at Tennessee Titans 1:00 pm - Every team has a bad day and last Sunday was Buffalo's. A mix of a Giants' team with a solid game plan (and Eli Manning), a couple of key injuries (LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins), a couple of defensive lapses, and far too many penalties spelled a home loss.

The Titans were off last week, but come well-rested and probably underrated. The defense is going to have to contend with a Bills' offense that can move the ball at will and a defense that will be more intent on making plays without being flagged.

That should spell W-I-N for the Bills. Note that Buffalo is one of a select few road favorites this week.

Prediction: Bills 26 Titans 13

All times Eastern - Click here for late games

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