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NFL Pro Football 2015 AFC West Preview

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Fearless Rick's NFL Preview - AFC West

Rick Gagliano | July 29, 2015

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs

2014 Record: 9-7

2015 Expected Finish: 11-5

The Good: QB Alex Smith and RB Jamaal Charles revitalized the offense and defensively, the Chiefs were #2 in points allowed, at 17.6, tied with Detroit.

The Bad: The Chiefs badly need a playmaker receiver. Jeremy Maclin fits the mold and he needs to step up. A quality tight end would also help.

Outlook: After an opening day home loss to Tennessee, the Chiefs went 6-1 at home, losing only to Denver. Home field advantage and a superb defense should provide plenty of wins this season in Kansas City. If the Chiefs can split with Denver, theyÕll likely win the division because they appear to have San DiegoÕs number and Oakland is still uncompetitive.

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San Diego Chargers

2014 Record: 9-7

2015 Expected Finish: 9-7

The Good: Phillip Rivers had another stellar year in 2015.

The Bad: 9-7 wasnÕt good enough to make the playoffs in the AFC, plus, four of those losses were to Denver and Kansas City, and the Chargers have to play them each twice again in 2015.

Outlook: The window of opportunity appears to be closing quickly on the Chargers, coinciding with Phillip RiversÕ career. HeÕs only 33, but his best years (and the best players around him) are behind him. San Diego plays every game with heart, but they seem to be just a slight notch below the elite teams in the league. Making the playoffs in 2015 might be a bit of a stretch.

Denver Broncos

2014 Record: 12-4

2015 Expected Finish: 8-8

The Good: Peyton Manning was highly successful at QB.

The Bad: Manning is getting old (39) and probably should have retired at the conclusion of last season, after the 24-13 home loss to Indianapolis, when it was clear that Manning could not deliver the ball downfield with any consistent accuracy. As long as Manning remains the quarterback, the Broncos are embracing the past and not the future, and they are setting themselves up for a devastating failure.

Outlook: Denver stood pat after winning the AFC West with a 12-4 mark, but Kansas City and San Diego (both 9-7) are going to prove tougher this season. By playing at the age of 39, Manning is threatening to put a negative finish on a certain Hall of Fame career. He should have hung up the cleats last year.

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Oakland Raiders

2014 Record: 3-13

2015 Expected Finish: 3-13

The Good: Players got plenty of rest in the off-season.

The Bad: Oakland was dead last defensively, allowing 28.3 ppg in 2014, and 31st on offense, scoring just 15.8 points per meeting.

Outlook: There is absolutely nothing to be excited about in Oakland this season except maybe, QB Derek Carr throwing to their top draft pick, Amari Cooper, from Alabama.

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