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NFL Pro Football 2015 NFC East Preview

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Fearless Rick's NFL Preview - NFC East

Rick Gagliano | July 29, 2015

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

2014 Record: 12-4

2015 Expected Finish: 10-6

The Good: Cowboys won the NFC East title, when they werenÕt expected to, coming off three straight 8-8 seasons. Dallas finished fifth in offense in 2014, racking up an average of 29.2 points per game. May have picked up a blue-chipper in the draft, getting OLB Randy Gregory (Nebraska) in the second round. Tony Romo will be back at QB.

The Bad: Lost All Pro running back DeMarco Murray (Eagles).

Outlook: Dallas should continue to build upon a very successful outcome from the 2014 season and capture the NFC East title again. Their playoff win over the Lions in the wild card game was the season highlight, and the close, 26-21, loss to the Packers was tough, but not a heart-breaker. Many veterans return and the Cowboys appear headed back to the glory days, though the 2015 schedule is rugged. Closing out the season the final three weeks at home for the Jets, on the road at Buffalo and home for the Giants looks very promising.

The loss of Murray at running back will be offset by an improving defense.

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Philadelphia Eagles

2014 Record: 10-6

2015 Expected Finish: 9-7

The Good: Eagles had the third-most productive offense in the league last season, checking in at a solid 29.6 points per game.

The Bad: Chip KellyÕs fast-paced offense left the defense on the field for longer, and the Eagles finished tied with the Giants - 22nd in the league - allowing 25.0 ppg. QB Nick Foles, leading receiver, Jeremy Maclin, and leading rusher, LeSean McCoy are all gone.

Outlook: Massive dealings sent a host of offensive stars packing, only to be replaced by other potential game-makers-or-breakers, DeMarco Murray (from Dallas), Sam Bradford (Rams) and Tim Tebow. ItÕs an eclectic mix, but everyone - including himself - believes Kelly knows what heÕs doing. Problem is, the Eagles didnÕt reach the playoffs in 2014, so let the games - and the squabbling - begin.

Bradford is supposed to be the starting QB, but heÕs been injured nearly every season, and, in KellyÕs offense, will undoubtably take a fair share of hits.

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NY Giants

2014 Record: 6-10

2015 Expected Finish: 6-10

The Good: They still have Eli Manning. They get lots of media attention.

The Bad: They still have Eli Manning and head coach Tom Coughlin (many others would have been fired for the performance in 2014). The lack of a running game (100.2 yards per game) is a huge concern.

Outlook: From mid-October to the end of November last season, the Giants strung together seven straight losses and were completely forgotten. They finished the season with wins over Tennessee, Washington and St. Louis (big deal) before losing the last game to Philadelphia. This is a team that is beginning to become accustomed to losing and thatÕs scary, considering the media fishbowl that is the NY metro area. Coughlin could be on his way out, but the owners are faithful and loyal and probably wonÕt fire him until after the season, unless the Giants start out 0-6 or 1-5, a distinct possibility.

Washington Redskins

2014 Record: 4-12

2015 Expected Finish: 3-13

The Good: RG3 will be back as starting QB.

The Bad: Defense was tied with Tennessee at #29 in 2014 (27.4 points per game). Offense was erratic and punchless inside opponentsÕ 30-yard-line. Offense ranked 26th (18.8 ppg).

Outlook: The problems with Washington are almost too numerous to mention, but the highlights include poor use of QB Robert Griffin III because the brass doesnÕt want him injured, so theyÕre trying to make him more of a pocket passer, when his best asset is running the option. The defense was one of the NFLÕs worse. ThereÕs almost no semblance of a pass rush and the secondary plays too loosely. Considering the quality of the politicians inhabiting the nationÕs capitol, this is the kind of team they deserve.

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