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Snap Central 2015 - Fearless Rick's Pro & College Football Picks

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SNAP CENTRAL 2015 - Fearless Rick's NFL & College Football Picks

Who will It Be?

July 29, 2015

Predicted divisional, conference and Super Bowl winners for 2015 are: Division winners:
AFC East - New England
AFC North - Baltimore
AFC South - Indianapolis
AFC West - Kansas City

NFC East - Dallas
NFC North - Green Bay
NFC South - Atlanta
NFC West - Arizona

Wild Cards:
AFC: Miami, Cincinnati

NFC: Seattle, Detroit

AFC Championship: Indianapolis vs. Cincinnati

NFC Championship: Green Bay vs. Arizona

Super Bowl: Indianapolis vs. Green Bay

Super Bowl champion: Indianapolis Colts

Hall of Fame Game is August 9

July 21, 2015

The Minnesota Vikings play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL's first pre-season game, the traditional Hall of Fame Game, at Fawcett (Benson) Stadium in Canton, Ohio.

Airing on NBC, the game willbe broadcast live at 8:00 pm ET.

Some confusion exists concerning the name of the stadium, many already calling it Benson Stadium, honoring Tom Benson, the owner of the New Orleans Saints, who, in 2014, donated $11 million to the NFL Hall of Fame, $10 million of which will go toward renovations.

--- Story continues below ---

According to most reliable sources, the stadium will be renamed once the renovations are complete.

The actual date of the renaming has not been revealed as of this writing. Significantly, nfl.com lists the game site as Fawcett Stadium.

The naming of the stadium is a minor point, considering all the news and information coming forward over the next six weeks, leading up to the regular season, beginning September 10, when the Steelers visit the league champion Patriots at Foxboro for an 8:30 pm ET Thrusday night kickoff. The game will be televised nationally by NBC.

The following Sunday, September 14, features a full slate of games, followed by a Monday night double-header featuring the Eagles at the Falcons at 7:10 pm ET and the Vikings at the 49ers at 10:20 pm. Both Monday night contests will air on ESPN.

Downtown Magazine is happy to announce that it will continue its tradition of picking all games, every week , in addition to a select number of high-interest college games.

Over the coming two weeks, each of the 32 NFL teams will be previewed in division formats, including each team's expect finish.

Despite protestations from publisher, Fearless Rick (who "officially" called it quits at the end of last season), our ace prognosticator will once again plumb the depths of the NFL and offer his sage advice for free.

Stay tuned here for updates and check the Downtown Magazine home page for updates as the divisional predictions roll out.

See all Super Bowl scores and MVPs from 1967-2015 here.

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