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WEEK 2 NFL Preseason

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Last week: Coin: 7-9; Rick: 6-10

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Thursday, August 17

7:00 pm Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins (-2 1/2, 39 1/2) - After beating Atlanta last week, the Dolphins are home for the second week straight and look like a soft choice against the Ravens, who topped Washington, 23-3, last week to open the preseason with a bang.

Mostly, Baltimore's defense did the job, holding the Redskins to 138 yards offense. They won't find the Dolphins as accommodating.

Coin Flip: Miami

Prediction: Dolphins 17 Ravens 14

7:00 pm Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles (-4, 39 1/2) - Look for an appearance by Shady McCoy in this return to the team from which he was traded, and also, more time on field for Buffalo rookie QB Nate Peterman, who had his moments - and the Bills' only TD on a short throw to Dezmin Lewis - and was taking the #2 team snaps this week in practice over T.J. Yates.

Buffalo had chances, but failed to click late in its opening, 17-10, loss to Minnesota. The Eagles were pounded by the Packers, 24-9, and may not be ready for an aggressive Buffalo squad, bent on getting their offense in gear.

Coin Flip: Buffalo

Prediction: Bills 20 Eagles 13

8:00 pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars (-1 1/2, 41) - In the opening week, Tampa was humbled at Cincinnati, 23-12, while the Jaguars rose to occasion, knocking off the Patriots, 31-24, at New England.

If there's anything resembling momentum in the preseason, the Jaguars have it, though they were, realistically, one of the worst teams in the league last season. The Bucs should come out gunning against Jacksonville's suspect defense.

Coin Flip: Tampa Bay

Prediction: Buccaneers 30 Jaguars 24

Friday, August 18

10:00 pm Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks (-3, 40 1/2) - Seattle has made a habit of winning preseason games, as evidenced by their 48-17 shelling of the Chargers last week in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the Vikings held off the Bills in Buffalo, for a sloppy, 17-10, victory.

The Vikings also like to win preseason games, so this could be a serious affair, at least for the first half, when the starters will see plenty of action. Seattle has, arguably, a better team, and the home fans will be loud.

Coin Flip: Seattle

Prediction: Seahawks 24 Vikings 19

Saturday, August 19

3:00 pm Carolina Panthers at Tennessee Titans (-2 1/2, 41) - After losing to the Jets last week, 7-3, the Titans have to be a little worried about the lack of offense, as the Jets aren't exactly a household name on defense.

The Panthers held up well in the debut of Houston's Deshaun Watson, who threw for 179 yards in Carolina's 27-17 win. The Panthers had a rough season in 2016, but they have the look of a team on the rebound.

Coin Flip: Tennessee

Prediction: Panthers 21 Titans 17

7:00 pm Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys (-5 1/2, 39 1/2) - Dallas somehow lost to the Rams last week in LA, 13-10, yet they're favored by more than any team this week, welcoming in the Colts for week two of the preseason.

Indy didn't do much in their 24-10 home defeat at the hands of the Lions, but they should want to be a little better prepared. Anything more than three points in preseason is almost always a no-go, so taking the underdog Colts in Dallas may be a good choice.

Coin Flip: Dallas

Prediction: Colts 23 Cowboys 21

7:00 pm Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals (-1 1/2, 39 1/2) - The Chiefs were not on their game in last week's 27-17 loss at home to the 49ers, so expect them to be a little sharper this time around.

Judging by their 23-12 win over Tampa Bay in week one, the Bengals may be trying to shrug off last season by getting on a winning track early. A home win would be heartwarming to the home fans, but the Chiefs may have other plans, such as a shutdown defense that didn't play well last week.

Coin Flip: Cincinnati

Prediction: Chiefs 17 Bengals 10

7:30 pm New York Jets at Detroit Lions (-5, 38) - The Jets don't really have much in the way of sustainable offense, so they're going to try to sow down Matthew Stafford and the Lions early and hope for the best in the second half. Their 7-3 win over Tennessee last week notwithstanding, the Jets aren't in the same area code as the Lions, who are again going to dye for the top spot in the NFC North.

Coin Flip: NY Jets

Prediction: Lions 27 Jets 6

7:30 pm Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins (-3, 40 1/2) - After a 23-3 no-show performance last week in Baltimore, the Redskins have plenty to prove to themselves, the coaches and the fans. The Redsskins went 2-4 down the stretch last season, missing the playoffs, and they'll be up against it with the pass-happy Packers coming to town.

Washington's defense isn't very good, nor is the offense, but the Packers are gearing up for a run at the Super Bowl, so a serious tune-up can be expected here. Possible blowout of the week.

Coin Flip: Green Bay

Prediction: Packers 34 Redskins 14

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