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WEEK 4 NFL Preseason

All times Eastern

Last week: Coin: 8-8; Fearless Rick: 9-7

Cumulative: Coin: 22-25-2; Rick: 24-23-2

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Thursday, August 31

7:00 pm LA Rams at Green Bay Packers (-3 1/2, 38) - Backups all around mean that the Rams have a chance to steal a game since they're still working on second and third strings.

Coin Flip: Green Bay

Prediction: Rams 24 Packers 21

7:00 pm Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons (-3, 38) - This game is likely to be decided by turnovers and Atlanta should be the beneficiary of at least two. The Falcons are good to go for the regular season, despite their 0-3 record. A chance to look at backups is good for both teams, but Atlanta is much deeper and more talented.

Coin Flip: Jacksonville

Prediction: Falcons 20 Jaguars 10

7:00 pm Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts (-2, 36 1/2) - Both teams are 1-2, but the Bengals have not won on the road and are unlikely to do so in Indy. Colts defense needs tightening, and that should enable some solid players to perform against a so-so offense that has people calling their team the "Bungles" once again.

Coin Flip: Indianapolis

Prediction: Colts 21 Bengals 13

7:00 pm Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets (-1, 36) - Throw away game for sure, but the Jets at home against many players not likely to be on the Philadelphia roster is a significant advantage.

Coin Flip: Philadelphia

Prediction: Jets 20 Eagles 13

7:00 pm Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills (NL, NL) - No line here because the Bills have only one quarterback available. This may be the case as of game time, but whatever occurs, the Lions are the clear choice.

Coin Flip: Detroit

Prediction: Lions 31 Bills 10

7:30 pm New York Giants at New England Patriots (-3, 38) - The Patriots always win, no matter what, even though they are 0-1 at home and 1-2 in preseason. They've given up a very un-Patriot-like 86 points, second only to Miami's 89, but the Giants offense has been asleep most of the preseason with the exception of last week's 32-31 win over the Jets. In the other two games they scored a total of 18 points.

New England should be able to handle them defensively and have some good things happen on offense.

Coin Flip: New England

Prediction: Patriots 24 NY Giants 16

7:30 pm Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers (-4, 37 1/2) - Pittsburgh has been underrated by the oddsmakers this preseason, but they are 2-1 and have allowed a mere 56 points, which isn't too bad.

Carolina has scored 78 and allowed 74, so it's hard to see how they're going to whip Pittsburgh by anything more than a field goal, if at all.

Coin Flip: Carolina

Prediction: Steelers 24 Panthers 21

7:30 pm Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2 1/2, 35 1/2) - Both teams are 1-2, but the interesting stat is that the Bucs have scored just 33 (least in the league), but given up only 44 (tied for fifth-best).

Tampa Bay's offense is assuredly better than the number of points scored, and possibly the backups can click for a few scores. Defensively, Tampa Bay may become the surprise squad of 2017.

Coin Flip: Washington

Prediction: Buccaneers 20 Redskins 10

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