Personal Fouls

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Personal Fouls

Author: Peter Golenbock

Edition/Copyright Date: First Carroll & Gref edition, 1989

Features: Golenbock, author of The Bronx Zoo - the chronicles of the New York Yankees under Billy Martin and owner George Steinbrenner - became almost synonymous with sports scandal in the 1970s, and Personal Fouls may be his seminal work.

The book was published before the tragic and untimely death of coach Valvano, now a revered figure in the annals of college basketball, but Golenbeck's portrait is a bit more toward the attic of Dorian Gray than praiseworthy of the great "Jimmy V."

The book nearly drips with cynicism and is a down-to-earth account of the truth behind the scenery of college sports.

Condition: Dust Jacket: Fair; book: Very Fine

Pages: 311

Price: 6.75

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