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Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of October 2 - October 8, 2022
Friday: US Stocks Set for Huge Weekly Gains as First Week of Fourth Quarter Ends with September NFP at 263,000
Thursday: Investors Left the Casino, Leaving Only Gamblers, Most of Them Clueless
Wednesday: Stocks, Treasuries, Precious Metals Race Higher Tuesday, Amplifying Gains, But a Reversal is Already Underway
Tuesday: Psyched-Out Traders Get Early October Surprise With Massive Rally; Stocks, Bonds, Gold Up, Silver Goes Bonkers
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: WARNING! Don't Panic, It's Only Wealth Destruction, Currency Devaluation, and Inflation-Fighting
Money Daily, 10/2- 10/8/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of September 25 - October 1, 2022
Friday: Third Quarter Ending with a Thud as PCE Price Index Reveals Inflation Spreading Beyond Food and Energy
Thursday: Order Out of Chaos as UK Pivots from QT to QE; US 2Q GDP Steady at -0.6%; West to East Wealth Transfer to Accelerate
Wednesday: International Tensions Rise Over Baltic Sabotage; Market Reactions Notably Inconsistent
Tuesday: Bonds, Currencies Blown Up as Global Debasement Commences; Government Shutdown, Hurricane Ian on Agenda
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Dow, NYSE Beaten to 2-Year Lows; Treasuries Disrupted on Inversion Turmoil; Oil, Gas, Gold, Silver Lower
Money Daily, 9/25- 10/1/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of September 18 - September 24, 2022
Friday: Stocks Tumble With June Lows in Sight, Pessimism and Reality Overcome Wall Street
Thursday: The Fed Is Almost Always Wrong, Politicians Know Even Less, and Wall Street Consists of Little More than Blind Mice
Wednesday: Stocks Under Pressure Awaiting FOMC Decision; 75 Basis Points Near Certain Hike to Federal Funds Target Rate
Tuesday: The Fed Cannot Tame the Inflation Nightmare, So Spendthrift Americans and the Stock Market Will Do It for Them
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: As CPI Remains High, Stocks Take an Ugly Turn for the Worse; Treasuries Battered; Gold Off, Silver Higher
Money Daily, 9/18- 9/24/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of September 11 - September 17, 2022
Friday: Stocks Set to Slide Further as Horrific Week Comes to a Close on Options Expiration; 3rd Quarter GDP Prediction Down to 0.5%
Thursday: Tape-Painting Deluxe: Evidence of Structural Moral Turpitude
Wednesday: Bubbling Over: August CPI Stuns Inflation Doves at 8.3%, Higher Core; Stocks, 401ks, Seniors Being Wrecked
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks End Three-Week Skid as Bond Slide Continues; Gold:Silver Ratio Remains Above 90
Money Daily, 9/11- 9/17/2022

Baseball's Magic Numbers & Wild Cards
The Yankees are fading, the Cardinals surging, while the Dodgers could wrap up the NL West as early as this weekend. A close look at the contenders in the American and National Leagues as baseball heads down the regular season stretch and onward, into the playoffs.
All Sports Report, 9/6/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of September 4 - September 10, 2022
Friday: Stocks Look to End Three-Week Losing Streak on Data-Devoid Rally
Thursday: Whale Watching on the Crypto Ocean; ECB Hikes Key Rate 75 Basis Points (0.75%)
Wednesday: Despite Warnings, US, EU, UK Continue to Feed Bears; Economies, Currencies Imploding
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: The Everything Bubble Has Popped and Is Slowly Deflating
Money Daily, 9/4- 9/10/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of August 28 - September 3, 2022
Friday: August Non-Farm Payrolls Gain by 315,000; US Stocks Looking at 3rd Straight Losing Week
Thursday: Everything Is Going Down in a Hurry; Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Silver, Oil, Crypto All Being Sold
Wednesday: Wrecking the Reserve Currency One Sanction at a Time; US Stocks Down 5% In Past Three Sessions
Tuesday: Prospering During Hard Times: Making It Beyond Survival Requires Knowledge, Persistence, Flexibility, and Innovation
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Fed Chair Powell Puts His Foot Down on Policy; Wall Street Shocked as Bear Market Gains Steam
Money Daily, 8/28- 9/3/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of August 21 - August 27, 2022
Friday: Fed Chair Powell Speaks at Jackson Hole; July PCE 6.3%; Stocks At Crossroads
Thursday: US and Western Nations Headed Into Economic Abyss as Central Banks, Governments, Media Loot and Deceive
Wednesday: Recession: Are We There Yet? Investors Nervous Over Housing, Retail, Services, and Jay Powell at Jackson Hole
Tuesday: It's Over
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Shorts May Still Have Their Day as Friday's Rout Was Seen Selling Anything and Everything
Money Daily, 8/21- 8/27/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of August 14 - August 20, 2022
Friday: Stocks Looking to Extend Gains, But Options Expiry and Retail Results May Prove Otherwise
Thursday: Kohl's Misses Big on EPS, Revises Forecasts; BJ's Wholesale Ripping Higher on Solid 2Q Results; Bye-bye Liz Cheney
Wednesday: July Retail Sales Flat as Target Misses, Consumers Wary on Prices; Futures Deep Red
Tuesday: WalMart Beats Lowered Expectations; Futures Lower; Tucker Carlson Labastes Brandon, FBI, DOJ
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Post Strong Gains; Gold, Silver Continue Rising; Bond Market Appears Serially Broken as Risk Abounds
Money Daily, 8/14- 8/20/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of August 7 - August 13, 2022
Friday: Stocks Look to Lock In Gains for the Week; Market Appears Worn Out from Furious Six-Week Rally; House to Vote on BBB 2.0
Thursday: Stocks Soar on CPI Reading from July but Are Cautious About Gas Prices Staying Down; PPI -0.5 in July, +9.8% YOY
Wednesday: Monthly CPI Flat, up 8.5% YOY, Pleasing to Equity Loyalists, Fed, and Democrats
Tuesday: Getting Out; Stocks Will Hold Until Midterms
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Quiet Week for Stocks Raises Eyebrows in Treasury Market; Jobs Report Defies Wall Street Aims
Money Daily, 8/7- 8/13/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of July 31 - August 6, 2022
Friday: July Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) Blow Away Estimates; 528,000 Jobs Added; Wall Street Perplexed
Thursday: Stocks In Rally Mode, Erasing Much of First Half Losses as Any News Works on Wall Street
Wednesday: About Those (Wildly Fluctuating, Inverted) Treasury Yields, Gold, Silver; Latest From Brent Johnson, Dollar Milkshake
Tuesday: First Inflation, Then Recession, Depression, as Europe Falls Apart, US, China Housing Markets Stumble
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: The Fed Raises, Government, Media Say There Is No Recession; Gold, Silver Advance, Offering a Divergent Perspective
Money Daily, 7/31- 8/6/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of July 24 - July 30, 2022
Friday: The Completely Fake US Stock Market, Economy, and Congress; Stocks, Gold, Silver Move Higher as Dollar Retreats
Thursday: Post Fed's Rate Increase, the Only Number That Matters is Second Quarter GDP: -0.9%
Wednesday: Fed Set to Hike Federal Funds Rate 75 Basis Points; FOMC Will Likely Increase Rate at 2.25-2.50%
Tuesday: With Dire Forecast, Walmart Lights the Fuse for a Wild Week on Wall Street; USA Has Obvious Problems
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Huge Week Upcoming for Earnings Reports; FOMC Rate Hike; 1st Estimate of 2nd Quarter GDP
Money Daily, 7/24- 7/30/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of July 17 - July 23, 2022
Friday: Stocks Appear Headed for a Positive Weekly Return; American Express Beats; Twitter Earnings on Deck
Thursday: Inflation, Recession, Stagflation; What to Buy in the Current Economic Environment; Unemployment Rising; ECB Hikes 50 Basis Points
Wednesday: Three Experts Say It's Time to Buy Silver; Ted Butler, Andrew Maguire and Mike Maloney Agree
Tuesday: Mind the GAAP; Shades of 2000 Dot-Com Meltdown Appearing in Earnings Reports
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Setting the Record Straight: US, EU, UK Have Made Grave Errors and Will Pay with Damaged Economies, Societies
Money Daily, 7/17- 7/23/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of July 10 - July 16, 2022
Friday: US Stocks Stuggling to Stay Above 2022 Lows as a Tsunami of Negative Issues Harms Markets
Thursday: Euro at US Dollar Parity; Yen, Gold, Silver Sunk; What Inflation Means and What Comes Next
Wednesday: June CPI Reading Hotter Than Expected at 9.1 y-o-y; Fed Must Raise Rates Faster, Higher at July Meeting
Tuesday: Inflation... then, Recession; Currency Debasement Accelerating Thanks to Sanctions; Fed Trapped
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Bogus Rally to Start 3Q; Social Unrest Spreads from Emerging Markets into Europe
Money Daily, 7/10- 7/16/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of July 3 - July 9, 2022
Friday: Stocks Melt Up to Start 3rd Quarter; June Non-Farm Payrolls Posted at 372,000, Well Above Estimates
Thursday: Massive Social, Political Upheaval Underway As Georgia Guidestones Destoryed; Boris Johnson Resigns
Wednesday: Playing Catch-Up: How Investors Missed the Bear Market on Multiple Occasions; Many Are Trapped or Still in Denial
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Independence Edition: The First Half Was a Stinker; Second Half May Be More of the Same
Money Daily, 7/3- 7/9/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of June 26 - July 2, 2022
Friday: Stocks Staring at Another Weekly Loss; For the Dow, 19 of 25 Weeks Have Ended in the Red
Thursday: Stocks Set to End First Half of 2022 with Near-Record Declines; 2nd Half Not Looking Any Better
Wednesday: People of Western Nations Experiencing Economic Collapse and Government Tyranny Face Hard Choices
Tuesday: Global Inflation and Currency Crisis: How and When It Will End and What Happens in the Aftermath
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Current Speculative Environment Calls for Prudence, Risk Assessment, Entry and Exit Strategies
Money Daily, 6/26- 7/2/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of June 19 - June 25, 2022
Friday: Global Issues At Confrontation; The World Is Changing At a Rapid Pace
Thursday: Janet Yellen Proposes Price Cap on Russian Gas as Stupidity of US Government Exceeds All Expectations
Wednesday: Stocks Set Up for Another Ugly Session to the Downside Following Tuesday's Engineered Rally; Powell to Appear before Senate
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Fed Rate Hikes May Ease Inflation, But the Recession Will Continue Without Pause Through Summer
Money Daily, 6/19- 6/25/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of June 12 - June 18, 2022
Friday: Stocks About to Suffer Another Stunning Week of Losses; Dow Industrials Down 19 of 24 Weeks in 2022
Thursday: After FOMC Hiked Rates 75 Basis Points, Global Markets are Taking a Well-Deserved Beating; Housing Starts Crater; 2Q GDP Forecast at 0.00%
Wednesday: Federal Reserve About to Unleash the Whirlwind of an Inflationary Recession at Full Sail
Tuesday: Western and US Economies in Tatters; Recession Already Present, Depression to Follow
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Suffer Worst Week Since 2020; Treasury Yields Explode Higher as Inflation/Recession Reality Emerges
Money Daily, 6/12- 6/18/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of June 5 - June 11, 2022
Friday: Brace Yourselves, This Is Going To Hurt; CPI Pops at 8.6% y-o-y; Markets in Panic Mode
Thursday: ECB Signals Rate Hikes; European Stocks Trend Lower; US Futures Fall on News, Unemployment Claims
Wednesday: Whether the Federal Reserve Is or Isn't Buying Stocks to Prop Up the Market, Should Anybody Really Be Concerned?
Tuesday: Recession and Bear Market Are Real, Here and Now; Target Warns Again; Learning to Cook, Starting with Borscht
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Thanks to Resident Brandon and the US Congress, the US Is in a Recession; Stocks, Bonds Dumped Again
Money Daily, 6/5- 6/11/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of May 29 - June 4, 2022
Friday: Non-farm Jobs Numbers Up at 390,000 in May; Wall Street Fairy Tales for a Cuckold Nation
Thursday: Economic Data, Employment in Focus As Stocks Try to Avoid Third Straight Session in the Red
Wednesday: Yes, This Is a Bear Market, and the Fed Is Punting Into the Wind As It Launches QT
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: One-liner Edition; Stocks Jump, Bonds Flatten; Gas At the Pump: Record High; Thanks, Brandon
Money Daily, 5/29- 6/4/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of May 22 - May 28, 2022
Friday: Why Are JP Morgan and Bloomberg Touting Bitcoin Now? Dow Closes In On Key Inflection Point
Thursday: When Will the Current Rally Stall Out? The Dow and Fibonacci Hold Clues
Wednesday: Despite Intraday Ups and Downs, Direction of Stocks and US Economy Has Become Obvious
Tuesday: United States Is Probably Already in a Recession Though Economists and Bank Executives Downplay Risk
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: With Political Systems in Shambles, Economic Implosion Should Follow, Then Society Crumbles
Money Daily, 5/22- 5/28/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of May 15 - May 21, 2022
Friday: It's Options Expiration Day; Investors-Turned-Gamblers Look to Strike It Rich or Lose It All
Thursday: Retail Carnage Spreads to General Markets as US Indices Are Pounded in Relentless Sell-Off
Wednesday: Target's Aim Poor as Retailer Posts Off-the-Mark First Quarter; Lowe's Beats Despite Same Store Sales Miss
Tuesday: US Stocks Poised to Resume Rally as April Retail Sales Check in with Unadjusted 0.9% Rise
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Whacked, Dow, NYSE Losing Streak at 7 Weeks; Cryptos Unraveled; Gold, Silver Fall as US$ Gains
Money Daily, 5/15- 5/21/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of May 8 - May 14, 2022
Friday: The Great Fakery
Thursday: Bitcoin is Dead; Stocks are Dead; US Dollar is Dead; Soon, You May Be Dead
Wednesday: April CPI Stuns Markets Again with 8.2% Annual Increase in All Goods and Services Index
Tuesday: The Federal Reserve Is Exploding the Retirement Myth, One Day at a Time
Money Daily, 5/8- 5/14/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of May 1 - May 7, 2022
Thursday: Stocks Rip Higher After Fed Raises, Powell Promises No 75 BP Hikes
Wednesday: May the 4th Be With Them: Fed Tries to Fill Inside Straight, Curb Inflation with FOMC Policy
Tuesday: Short-Sellers Are Controlling the Market; Bears Are Firmly In Control
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: US Economy Tips Over as All Asset Classes Reprice at Lower Levels; Silver, Real Money, On Sale
Money Daily, 5/1- 5/7/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of April 24 - April 30, 2022
Friday: Is the Party Over or Will Stocks Continue to Rally after GDP, Amazon, and Apple Sour Markets?
Thursday: Recession Looming: US GDP Shrinks by 1.4% (-1.4%); Markets Stunned; Fed Trapped in Untenable Position
Wednesday: Meltdown: Stocks Slump as NASDAQ Makes New Lows; More Pain Ahead Courtesy of Congress and the Fed
Tuesday: Busy Week for Earnings as Musk Takes Twitter; Silver Slashed, Euro in Death Throes, Nearing Dollar Parity
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Fed Tightening to Cause Economic Disruption, Asset Bubble Bursting on Grand, Global Scale
Money Daily, 4/24- 4/30/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of April 17 - April 23, 2022
Friday: US Stocks Slammed; Global Equity Markets Suffer in Aftermath; Gold, Silver, Bitcoin Whacked
Thursday: Dow Theory, Fibonacci Levels Suggest Recent Rally Could End Suddenly
Wednesday: Globalists Just Can't Get Enough, But Regular Folks Can Copy Their Methods, Survive and Thrive
Tuesday: Stocks Get Whipsawed; Is Another Supply Chain Shock Emerging from the Port of Shanghai?
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Edge Lower while Treasury Yields Ramp Higher; Gold, Silver Climb; Bitcoin Rangebound
Money Daily, 4/17- 4/23/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of April 10 - April 16, 2022
Thursday: Bank Stocks Reeling Amid Rate Hike Fever, Talk of Recession; Increases in Loan Loss Provisions
Wednesday: Gold and Silver Have Always Changed the World; Bitcoin is Engaged in the Fight for Liberty
Tuesday: Stock Futures Gain Wildly as March CPI Hits 8.5%
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Transitioning From Fiat Currency to Commodities as Collateral Is Already Underway in New Bi-Polar Finance
Money Daily, 4/10- 4/16/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of April 3 - April 9, 2022
Friday: US, World Economies on Path to Self-Destruction As Populations Are Kept in the Dark, at Bay, Made Destitute
Thursday: Stocks Will Be Trashed According to Former Fed President Dudley
Wednesday: Stocks Slide on Fed Vice Chair Comments, Ukraine Situation; Fed March Minutes on Tap for Wednesday
Tuesday: US Blocks Russian Debt Payments, Pushing Moscow Closer To Default; Pressure From The West Is Mounting
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Putin, Russia Trigger Major Financial Developments; Stocks Flat; Treasury Curve Inversion Steepens
Money Daily, 4/3- 4/9/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of March 27 - April 2, 2022
Friday: Stocks Slammed on Final Trading Day of 1st Quarter; Putin No Fool; Europe Must Buy Gas in Roubles; Nonfarm Payrolls Up 431,000
Thursday: Stocks Fell in 1st Quarter of 2022; GDP Growth Is Actually Nothing More Than Inflation
Wednesday: Ukraine Peace Prospects Lift Stocks While Gold and Silver Languish; COMEX Suppression May Be in Death Throes
Tuesday: Buy Roubles, Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin As US Dollar, Euro, Yen, Pound Implode
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Gain 2nd Straight Week; Treasury Curve Inverts Further; Gold, Silver, Bitcoin Higher
Money Daily, 3/27 - 4/2/2022

Downtown Magazine's Mostly Magazines store is once again functioning. Click the store link above for immediate access.
Fearless Rick, 3/30/2022

Downtown Magazine's host provider changed some settings without our knowledge and knocked our online store out of commission. They have been unable to restore it, even though their changes caused it. NOT HAPPY. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Fearless Rick, 3/29/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of March 20 - March 26, 2022
Friday: Make It or Break It Friday for Suspicious Stocks
Thursday: Is Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme? What About Stocks?
Wednesday: The Inevitable Crash; the Impossibility of Predicting It; Treasury Curve Gone Haywire; Housing to the Wall
Tuesday: Treasury Curve Inverted at Four Levels; Note and Bond Yields Rising Dramatically; Money Flows to Stocks (for now)
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Just the Numbers, Please. Stocks Best Week Since November, 2020; Bitcoin Rises; Treasuries Inverting
Money Daily, 3/20 - 3/26/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of March 13 - March 19, 2022
Friday: World in Flames, Stocks Seek Biggest Weekly Gains Since 2020 Election; Bigger Lies Imminent
Thursday: Stocks Continue Rally After Fed Hikes 25 Basis Points, Promises Six More Increases in 2022
Wednesday: What Ukraine Means to the Rest of the World and the Global Economy; Fed Interest Rate Hike on Tap
Tuesday: Nothing Good is Happening Anywhere in the World and It's Probably Going to Get Worse
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Asset Diversification, Market Crash, Currency Crisis On Agenda As Russia Advances, Sanctions Fly, FOMC Meets
Money Daily, 3/13 - 3/19/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of March 6 - March 12, 2022
Friday: Inside Money, Outside Money, Sanctions, Poker Parties and Art of the Skim
Thursday: CPI Rises to 7.9%; Biden's Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies Misses the Point; Russia Continues Advance in Ukraine
Wednesday: Is the War Over? Sanctions Galore, Here Comes the Bull Shift
Tuesday: A World At War; People Must Make Choices, Take Action
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: As Russia Advances in Ukraine, Need for Alternative Currencies Emerges
Money Daily, 3/6 - 3/12/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of February 27 - March 5, 2022
Friday: Backfire, Boomerang, Blowback, Bears
Thursday: Brave New World of Central Bank, Political Financial Repression Threatens Everybody, Everything
Wednesday: Dow Suffers 7th 500+ Point Decline This Year; Economic Conditions Deteriorating, Oil Spikes; Gold, Silver, Bitcoin Higher
Tuesday: World War III Has Already Begun; Globalists Started It
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Russia Invades Ukraine; Western Response Is All Talk and Sanctions; Bitcoin Gains
Money Daily, 2/27 - 3/5/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of February 20-26, 2022
Friday: Welcome to Clown World
Thursday: Russian Advance Throughout Ukraine Sends Global Markets Into Tailspin
Wednesday: Putin Hogtied NATO Nations over Ukraine, Accelerating the Demise of Western Dominance
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks, Bitcoin Beaten Down While Gold Rises to $1900; Inflation Rages as War Drums Beat
Money Daily, 2/20 - 2/26/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of February 13-19, 2022
Friday: Stocks Down for the Week; Canada's Government Invokes "Emergency Act", Begins Freezing Bank Accounts
Thursday: Don't Read This; It's Very Boring. Sorry.
Wednesday: Bitcoin, Gold, Silver Advised as Government (Canada) Devolves
Tuesday: Propaganda Ministry Says Russia Is Not Going to Invade Ukraine; All Is Well; Get Back To Work
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Useful, Useless Idiots in Media and Government Threaten Citizens as Global Economy Disintegrates
Money Daily, 2/13 - 2/19/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of February 6-12, 2022
Friday: As Bonds Are Routed, Power-Hungry Globalists Assure That if They Lose, Everybody Else Will Suffer More
Thursday: CPI Prints at 7.5%, Highest in 40 Years; Everything Tanks; 10-Year Note Yields 1.995%
Wednesday: Which Will You Choose, Gold, Silver, Euro, Dollar, Bitcoin, Sea Shells?
Tuesday: Bitcoin on a Tear, Tops $45,000 Overnight; Bitcoin ETFs Damaging to Bitcoin Adoption, Price; Benefiting Central Banks
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Political, Economic Pressures Rising as Global Leaders Face Popular Revolutions, War
Money Daily, 2/6 - 2/12/2022

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip's Final Super Bowl Pick
Is the fix in for Super Bowl LVI (56)? Will the Rams win at their new home stadium or will golden boy, Joe Burrow, be going to Disneyland? Fearless Rick has put away the magic coin and is calling it quits on this final pick. He explains why in the pick for Super Bowl 56.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 2/13/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of January 30 - February 5, 2022
Friday: Markets Unnerved, Lacking Confidence In January Jobs Data, Amazon Earnings, As Economic Crash Gains Traction
Thursday: Shorting Volatility, In-Your-Face Market Fraud Ripped NASDAQ, Dow, S&P Higher Through Four-Day Winning Streak
Wednesday: Bitcoin Adoption Growing at Breakneck Pace, Threatening Central Bank Fiat Currencies and the Global Economic Structure
Tuesday: Fork in the Road: Choosing Crypto, Bitcoin, Gold, Silver over Fractional-Reserve, Debt-Based Fiat Currency
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Friday's Momentum-Chasing Rally; Canadian Truckers, Bitcoin's Emergence and the Fourth Turning
Money Daily, 1/30 - 2/5/2022

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip NFL Conference Championships Playoff Picks
It's down to four teams vying for the AFC and NFC Conference Championships as the Kansas City Chiefs host the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Francisco 49ers visit the Los Angeles Rams. Winners go to the Super Bowl, which, in the Rams' case won't be much of a trip, since SoFi Stadium in LA is their home arena. After those divisional games of last Saturday and Sunday, what will the NFL do for an encore?
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 1/30/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of January 23-29, 2022
Friday: Buy, Sell, or Hold? Observations on the Current Bearish Condition of Stock Markets
Thursday: Fed's FOMC Flunks Basic Economics, Relies Upon Voodoo; 2021 Full Year, 4th Quarter GDP May Not Be Quite Real
Wednesday: Fed's FOMC Prepared to Do Lots of Talking, Promise to Fight Inflation and Keep Stocks Up
Tuesday: Market Mayhem: Stocks Fall, Rise in Gigantic Wall Street, Media Control Exercise; Bitcoin Correlates With Stocks
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Oil, Gold, Silver Shine As Equities, Bonds, Bitcoin Bomb in Asset Rout
Money Daily, 1/23-29/2022

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip NFL Divisional Round Playoff Picks
The divisional round whittles the playoff contenders down from eight to four teams, those survivors playing in the respective AFC and NFC championship games. Two Saturday games get the weekend going as the Tennessee Titans, the #1 AFC seed, hosts the Cincinnati Bengals, followed by the San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers, the top NFC seed. Sunday's games are the Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs. Fearless Rick and Coin Flip have analysis and picks.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 1/22-23/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of January 16-22, 2022
Friday: Stocks Crater as Dow Closes Lower for 5th Straight Session; Bitcoin, Cryptos Smashed on Russia Ban
Thursday: Stocks Beaten Down Again; NASDAQ in Correction; Gold, Silver Based, Rallying; Bitcoin Approaches Recent Upper Band
Wednesday: Bleak Tuesday: First Smash of the Economic Wrecking Ball
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Mostly Flat; Treasury Curve Steepens; Gold, Silver Bid; Oil Up; Bitcoin Rules Over All Crypto
Money Daily, 1/16-22/2022

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip WILD CARD Picks
Six games, spread over three days and nights can only mean one thing: Americans love the NFL. Wild Card weekend begins Saturday with a pair of games: Riaders at Bengals, Patriots at Bills; then, three more Sunday: Eagles at Buccaneers, 49ers at Cowboys, Steelers at Chiefs. Monday concludes the football fiesta with Cardinals at Rams. #1 seeds in NFC and AFC, Green Bay and Tennessee, respectively, have the week off.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 1/15-17/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of January 9-15, 2022
Friday: Bank Earnings (JPM, WFC, C), Horrid December Retail Sales Send Futures Plummeting As Week Closes Prior to MLK Holiday
Thursday: PPI Prints at 9.7%; Pennies Now Worth 3 Cents; Nickels, 0.065; Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, Oil Rising
Wednesday: CPI Up 7% Year-Over-Year, But Only 0.5% Higher in December; Stocks, Bitcoin Poised for Gains
Tuesday: NASDAQ, Dow Erase 400-Point Losses in "New Normal" Welfare State Financial Markets
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: 2022 Off to Rough Start; NASDAQ Down 4.53%; Bonds Battered; Gold, Silver, Cryptos Crushed
Money Daily, 1/9-15/2022

NCAA College Football Playoff National Championship
#1 Alabama Crimson Tide and the #3 Georgia Bulldogs square off for the national championship for the second time in five years. Two powerhouse programs will play for all the marbles, Monday, January 10, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Fearless Rick and Coin Flip have picks and analysis.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 1/10/2022

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 18 NFL Picks
With just three wild cards - one in the NFC, two in the AFC - and the AFC #1 seed still left to be determined, there are few meaningful games this week in the NFL. Included in those are Kansas City at Denver on Saturday, and, Sunday, Pittsburgh at Baltimore, Tennessee at Houston, Indianapolis at Jacksonville, New Orleans at Atlanta, Jets at Bills, Seattle at Arizona, 49ers at Rams, and LA Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders, the most impactful. Then, on to the playoffs next week.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 1/8-9/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of January 2-8, 2022
Friday: December Non-Farm Payrolls Huge Miss at 199,000; Interest Rates Rising; Fed Tightening; Policy Disaster Ahead?
Thursday: Wall Street Fizzles Over Fed's FOMC Minutes; A Coordinated Assault On Formerly Fair Markets
Wednesday: Governments Have Outlived Their Usefulness, Need Downsizing
Tuesday: Remarkable Stock Market Opens 2022 With Outsized Gains, New Highs, Loads of Confidence
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Closing 2021 Prices for Stocks, Bonds, Oil, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin; What's Ahead for 2022
Money Daily, 1/2-8/2022

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 17 NFL Picks
There are many meaningful games this week, the penultimate of the regular season, no Thursday or Saturday games, but on Sunday, Buffalo hosts Atlanta, Kansas City is at Cincinnati, Raiders at Colts, Jaguars at Patriots, Miami at Tennessee, Rams at Ravens, Broncos at Chargers, Texans at 49ers, Cardinals at Cowboys, Vikings at Packs all with playoff implications. The same goes for Monday night's Browns at Steelers match-up.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 1/2-3/2022

NCAA College Football Playoff Semi-Finals
#4 Cincinnati Bearcats face #1 Alabama's Crimson Tide in the first semi-final playoff game. Later, #2 Michigan Wolverines take the field against the #3 Georgia Bulldogs. The victors of both games will meet in the National Championship on Monday, January 10.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 12/31/2021

NCAA College Football BOWL WEEK 3
Happy Holidays!! These are college bowl games scheduled for Wednesday, December 29 through Tuesday Janaury 4, including New Year's Eve and New Year's Day games. A ton of great college action, including #19 Clemson vs. Iowa State (Cheez-It), #14 Oregon vs. #16 Oklahoma (Alamo), #12 Pittsburgh vs. #10 Michigan State (Peach), #9 Oklahoma State vs. #5 Notre Dame (Fiesta), #11 Utah vs. #6 Ohio State (Rose) and much more.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 12/29/2021 - 1/4/2022

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of December 26, 2021 - January 1, 2022
Friday: 2021 Awards and Predictions for 2022
Thursday: Dow Industrials Gain Sixth Straight Session, Reach New High; Basel III Requirements for British Gold
Wednesday: Equity Rally Runs Out of Vaporware; Central Banking's Reign Coming to an End
Tuesday: Stocks Continue Climb; the Century of China and Decline of the West Is Real and Accelerating
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Cynical Christmas Edition; Let's Go Brandon! Holiday Wealth Effect Rewards
Money Daily, 12/26/2021 - 1/1/2022

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 16 NFL Picks
Nearly every game this week is impactful for either the playoffs or draft selections, but, the best of the best are Thursday night's 49ers at Titans meeting, Saturday's Cleveland at Green Bay, and, Indianapolis at Arizona. Sunday brings Baltimore at Cincinnati, Rams at Vikings, Bills at Patriots, Jaguars at Jets (draft picks), Steelers at Chiefs, Denver at Las Vegas, Washington at Dallas. Monday night has the Dolphins at Saints.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 12/23-27/2021

NCAA College Football BOWL WEEK 2
Missouri plays Army in the Armed Forces Bowl Wednesday, licking off the second week of college bowl games. UCF plays Florida in the Gasparilla Bowl on Thursday, and Friday, Memphis travels to the islands to meet Hawaii in the aptly-named Hawaii Bowl. Tuesday's games are the best of the bunch, with Houston vs. Auburn in the Birmingham Bowl, UCLA vs. NC State in the Holiday Bowl, and, rounding out the week, West Virginia vs. Minnesota in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl. Happy Holidays!!
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 12/22-28/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of December 19 - December 25, 2021
Thursday: Santa Claus Arrives On Time for Wall Street
Wednesday: Ho, Ho, Hold, Buy or Sell Stocks, Crypto, Gold, Silver
Tuesday: Stocks Take Another Hit; Dollar Higher; Inflation Rages; Dark Winter, or Santa Claus Rally?
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Only Equities Affected by Fed's FOMC Policy Announcement As Holidays Loom
Money Daily, 12/19-25/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 15 NFL Picks
Just four more weeks left in the regular season means the hunt for the playoffs is in full mojo. With no less than 25 teams looking for just 14 spots, this week's games take on added emotion. Top games are Thursday's AFC West showdown with the Chiefs visiting the Chargers, then two hot Saturday games: Raiders at Browns and Patriots at Colts. Sunday's best include the Cowboys at Giants, Titans at Steelers, Bengals at Broncos, Packers at Ravens, and Seahawks at Rams. New Orleans visits Tampa Bay Sunday night and Monday features the Vikings at Bears.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 12/16-20/2021

NCAA College Football BOWL WEEK 1
College football's bowl extravaganza begins with the Bahamas Bowl on Friday, featuring Middle Tennessee vs. the Toledo Rockets and the Cure Bowl, as Coastal Carolina and Northern Illinois tangle. Other bowl action on Saturday includes Western Kentucky vs. Appalachian State, UAB vs. BYU, Louisiana vs. Marshall and a bell-ringer with Utah State and Oregon State matching up. Tuesday's UTSA vs. San Diego State may be the best of the week.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 12/17-21/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of December 12 - December 18, 2021
Friday: Fed Policy Is a Failure; Inflation Running Hotter Than Advertised; Build Back Better Bill Dead
Thursday: Stocks Erupt Following Powell's Hawkish/Dovish Taper/Rate Premise; Hyperinflation, Depression, or Both?
Wednesday: Fed's FOMC Policy Statement Ensures Fireworks As Inflation Heats Up, Destroying Global Fiat Economy
Tuesday: Should You Own What Central Banks Do (Bonds and Gold)?
Money Daily, 12/12-18/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 14 NFL Picks
A couple of teams may suffer FOMP (Fear Of Missing Playoffs) after this week's contests are decided, among them the loser of Atlanta at Carolina, Buffalo at Tampa Bay, San Francisco at Cincinnati, Dallas at Washington, Baltimore at Cleveland, or Pittsburgh at Minnesota (Thursday). Green Bay hosts the Bears Sunday night. Rams and Cardinals face off in the dessert Monday night.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 12/9-13/2021

NCAA College Football Week 15 Picks: ARMY-NAVY
It's all about the military this weekend as only one college football game will be played. 8-3 Army has won four of the last five in this annual festivity and is a touchdown favorite over the 3-8 Midshipmen.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 12/9-11/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of December 5 - December 11, 2021
Friday: CPI Continues Rising; Americans Continue Slaving Away Thinking Something Will Change
Thursday: Hard Assets, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin Impervious to Runaway Inflation; Initial Claims Lowest Since 1969
Wednesday: China's Ghost Cities' Real Estate Disaster Continues to Unwind As Evergrande Misses Deadline, Others Follow Road to Ruin
Tuesday: Chasing the Dream
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Ravaged, Treasury Curve Collapsing, Government Impotent, Incompetent
Money Daily, 12/5-11/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 13 NFL Picks
Big games this week include Monday night's AFC East clash between the Patriots and Bills in Buffalo. Thursday night, the Saints host the Cowboys in an important game for both teams. On Sunday, Arizona plays at Chicago, the Chargers are at Cincinnati, Indianapolis at Houston, Washington at Las Vegas, Jacksonville at the LA Rams, Ravens at Steelers, and Sunday night it's Broncos at Chiefs..
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 12/2-6/2021

NCAA College Football Picks: CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK
From the Sun Belt to the SEC, we have all the picks for every college football conference championship. Highlighted by the SEC's #1 Gerogia vs. #3 Alabama contest, the action kicks off Friday with the Conference USA title game, pitting Western Kentucky against UTSA. Later, #10 Oregon meets #17 Utah for the PAC-12 crown. Saturday begins with the Big 12, #9 Baylor vs. #5 Oklahoma State, followed the Mountain West, where Utah State tangles with #19 San Diego State. The Sun Belt goes off at 3:30, followed by the SEC and #21 Houston vs. #4 Cincinnati in the AAC championship at 4:00. 8:00 pm games are the Big Ten: #2 Michigan vs. #13 Iowa, and #15 Pittsburgh vs. #16 Wake Forest in the ACC.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 12/3-4/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of November 21 - December 4, 2021
Friday: Non-Farm Payrolls' Big Miss is a Big Nothing; US is Already at Full Employment
Thursday: National Debt Exceeds $29,000,000,000,000; Markets Whipsawed As Moronic Lands In US
Wednesday: It's All Downhill from Here
Tuesday: Surfing the Omicron Wave; El Salvador's Bitcoin Ambitions Advance
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Laughing All the Way to the Bank or Homeless Shelter... Just the Numbers post Black Friday
Money Daily, 11/28-12/4/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 12 NFL Picks
Happy Thanksgiving as the Bears travel to Detroit in the first of three holiday games Thursday. The Cowboys host the Raiders in the afternoon contest, and the Bills are at New Orleans in the NBC Nightcap. Sunday's best include Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, Tampa Bay at Indianapolis, Titans at Patriots, Rams at Packers, and Browns at Ravens..
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 11/25-29/2021

Week 13 NCAA College Football Picks
Collegians clash on Thanksgiving as #9 Ole Miss meets Mississippi State. Friday's top games include #16 Iowa at Nebraska, #4 Cincinnati at East Carolina, Missouri at #25 Arkansas, and North Carolina at #20 NC State. Saturday has the Buckeyes and Wolverines as #3 Ohio State plays at Michigan. Later it's #2 Alabama at Auburn in the Iron Bowl, Penn State at #12 Michigan State, #10 Oklahoma at #7 Oklahoma State, #23 Clemson at South Carolina, and #6 Notre Dame at Stanford.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 11/25-27/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of November 21-27, 2021
Friday: Happy Holidays: Markets Get Black Friday Shock Treatment With New Virus Scare
Wednesday: Can Americans Enjoy The Most Expensive Holiday Season Ever?
Tuesday: Biden Re-Nominates Fed Head Powell; Markets Savaged; Gold, Silver, Bitcoin Rocked
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP Pre-Holiday Edition: The Worst of Times Are Just Ahead; Financial Repression, Taxes, and Desperation
Money Daily, 11/21-27/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 11 NFL Picks
Plenty to choose from as the NFL gets to the meat of the schedule and things begin to sort out towards the playoffs. Games with major significance include Indianapolis at Buffalo, Baltimore at Chicago, Green Bay at Minnesota, New Orleans at Philadelphia, Cincinnati at Las Vegas, Dallas at Kansas City, Arizona at Seattle and Pittsburgh at the LA Chargers. Monday features the Giants at Tampa Bay, which could be huge.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 11/18-22/2021

Week 12 NCAA College Football Picks
An action-packed weekend awaits college football fans as the regular season begins to wind down towards games of significant consequence like Saturday's Big Ten clash of #7 Michigan State at #4 Ohio State. Elsewhere, Iowa State plays at #13 Oklahoma, #10 Wake Forest is at Clemson, #8 Notre Dame hosts Georgia Tech, the #21 Arkansas Razorbacks play at #2 Alabama, SMU travels to #5 Cincinnati, Virginia is at #18 Pittsburgh, Kansas State hosts #13 Baylor, #3 Oregon is at #23 Utah, and #9 Oklahoma State is at Texas Tech.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 11/18-20/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of November 14-20, 2021
Friday: Stocks Set for Fractured Week; Bitcoin Slump Much Ado About Nothing
Thursday: Stocks Sell Off; Gold, Silver, Crypto Appear As Possible Alternatives
Wednesday: Stocks Continue Sluggish, Crypto Rout May Be Bottoming
Tuesday: Stocks Flat; October Retail Sales +1.7%; New Crypto Restrictions in Infrastructure Bill?
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Fall, Precious Metals, Interest Rates Rise As Inflation Becomes a Dominant Economic Issue
Money Daily, 11/14-20/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 10 NFL Picks
Log jam in the AFC West could be decided in Sunday night's meeting in Las Vegas as the Raiders host the Chiefs, but before that some of the games worth watching include Atlanta at Dallas, Cleveland at New England, New Orleans at Tennessee, Minnesota at the LA Chargers, Seattle at Green Bay. Monday night's Rams at 49ers might make the list as well.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 11/11-15/2021

Week 11 NCAA College Football Picks
Highlight games of the week are #6 Michigan at Penn State, #11 Texas A&M at #15 Ole Miss, #16 NC State at #12 Wake Forest, #3 Oregon at Washington State, #7 Michigan State at Maryland, #19 Purdue at #4 Ohio State, and #2 Georgia at Tennessee.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 11/11-13/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of November 7-13, 2021
Friday: EUREKA! Gold, Silver Outperform Equities; Diversification Across Asset Classes for Smart People
Thursday: Don't Buy the Disney Dip Because It's Only Going to Get Worse
Wednesday: Is Something Broken? Stocks Slide; Bitcoin Hits $69,000
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Everything Continued to Ramp Higher After Fed Decided To Keep Buying
Money Daily, 11/7-13/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 9 NFL Picks
With Arizona's loss to the Packers last week there are no unbeaten teams left in the NFL and Arizona falls into a tie with the LA Rams for first place in the NFC West. The Cardinals head up to San Francisco to meet the 49ers, while the Rams host the Titans in the Sunday nighter. Other key games include Vikings at Ravens, Browns at Bengals, Denver at Dallas, Chargers at Eagles, Green Bay at Kansas City. Monday night has the Bears at Pittsburgh.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 11/4-8/2021

Week 10 NCAA College Football Picks
Plenty of games with consequences this week in college football, including key clashes #10 Wake Forest at North Carolina, Liberty at #15 Ole Miss, #5 Michigan State at Purdue, #12 Auburn at #13 Texas A&M, #14 Baylor at TCU, LSU at #3 Alabama, #11 Oklahoma State at West Virginia, Navy at #8 Notre Dame, and many more.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 11/4-6/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of October 31 to November 6, 2021
Friday: October Non-Farm Payrolls Up 531,000. August and September Get Massive Upward Revisions
Thursday: Fed's Taper Talk Is Gibberish; Treasury and MBS Purchases Will Continue, Possibly Increase
Wednesday: Avis, +108.31%, Dow Transports +6.88% Go Haywire on Rampant Speculation Trade Ahead of FOMC Announcement
Tuesday: Markets Mixed in Anticipation of Fed Policy and Tapering Announcement
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks, Bonds Higher As Inflation Persists, Economy Slows Materially; Cryptos, PMs Gain, Hold
Money Daily, 10/31- 11/6/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 8 NFL Picks
Still undefeated at 7-0, Arizona looks to make it eight straight when they host the Packers Thursday night in what should be a fun game. On Sunday, some of the meatiest match-ups include the 49ers at Bears, Steelers at Browns, Titans at Colts, Patriots at Chargers, Tampa Bay at New Orleans, and Sunday night's Cowboys at Vikings clash. Kansas City heads to the Big Apple Monday night to play the Giants..
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 10/28-11/01/2021

Week 9 NCAA College Football Picks
More than halfway through the college regular season, teams are looking to make impressions for the pollsters and find the magic number of wins (usually 7) to make it to a bowl game. For the top eschelon, big games this week include #1 Georgia at Florida, Texas Tech at #4 Oklahoma, #2 Cincinnati at Tulane, while the best games may be in the Big 10, where #6 Michigan travels to #8 Michigan State, and #9 Iowa plays at Wisconsin.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 10/28-30/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of October 24 to October 30, 2021
Friday: Stocks Surge As Inflation Rages; General Economy Being Crushed
Thursday: It's OVER. Forget Stocks, Bonds, Investments. Focus on Food. Water. Energy. The Global Recession Has Arrived.
Wednesday: The Extraordinary Rise of Avis Car Rentals, Railroads, and the Dow Jones Transportation Average
Tuesday: Elon Musk Looks to Become a World's First Trillionaire
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Plenty of Cross-Currents in Markets Presently Urge Caution; Trump, Bitcoin, Dow, S&P Take the Week
Money Daily, 10/24- 10/30/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 7 NFL Picks
Arizona remains unbeaten after thrashing the Browns in Cleveland, they hook Houston this week. Other important games include Thursday's Denver at Cleveland contest, then Sunday's Bengals at Ravens, Jets at New England, Chiefs at Titans, Eagles at Raiders, Bears at Tampa Bay, Colts at 49ers, and Monday night, Saints at Seahawks.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 10/21-25/2021

Week 9 NCAA College Football Picks
More than halfway through the college regular season, teams are looking to make impressions for the pollsters and find the magic number of wins (usually 7) to make it to a bowl game. For the top eschelon, big games this week include #1 Georgia at Florida, Texas Tech at #4 Oklahoma, #2 Cincinnati at Tulane, while the best games may be in the Big 10, where #6 Michigan travels to #8 Michigan State, and #9 Iowa plays at Wisconsin.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 10/28-30/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of October 17 to October 23, 2021
Friday: Trump Launches Truth Social Via SPAC DWAC, Scares Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Biden, Brandon
Thursday: Was Wednesday's Record Close on the Dow Industrials a Head Fake?
Wednesday: Across the Board Earnings Beats Should Elevate Stocks
Tuesday: Because Nothing Happened Yesterday
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Rock, But Bitcoin Bounces Higher; Bonds Bound; Gold, Silver Not Yet Ready for Prime Time
Money Daily, 10/17- 10/23/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 6 NFL Picks
Just one undefeated team remains, and Arizona has a date with the Browns in Cleveland this Sunday. Other important game include Tampa Bay at Philadelphia (Thursday), LA Chargers at Baltimore, Green Bay at Chicago, Raiders at Denver, Seattle at Pittsburgh, and Monday night's Buffalo at Tennessee clash.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 10/14-18/2021

Week 7 NCAA College Football Picks
Cruising to the midpoint of the college season, week 7 offers some exceptional conference play, including Cal at #9 Oregon Friday night, then, on Saturday, #3 Cincinnati hosts UCF, #10 Michigan State travells to Indiana, #21 Texas A&M goes to Missouri, #12 Oklahoma State plays at #25 Texas, #11 Kentucky travels to play #1 Georgia, Purdue is at #2 Iowa, #5 Alabama is at Mississippi State, #4 Oklahoma hosts TCU, and #18 Arizona State plays at Utah.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 10/15-16/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of October 10 to October 16, 2021
Friday: Bear Market Trend Reversing?; Earnings Should Push Stocks Back to All Time Highs
Thursday: PPI Rises to 8.6%; Bank Earnings Positive; Fed Plans to Taper on Track
Wednesday: 3Q Earnings Season Begins; Stocks Undecided after JPM Results, CPI at 5.4% Y/Y
Tuesday: When They Say False, You Know It's True
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Inflation, Fed's Gambit, Employment, Energy, Bitcoin, and Public Policy on Collision Course
Money Daily, 10/10- 10/16/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 5 NFL Picks
There's now only one undefeated team left in the league, that being the Arizona Cardinals, who look to go 5-0 when the 49ers pay a visit. Other key match-ups this weekend include the Rams at Seahawks, Thursday night, then on Sunday it's the Jets and Falcons in London, Packers at Bengals, Denver at pittsburgh, Miami at Tampa Bay, Cleveland at the LA Chargers, Bears at Raiders, Giants at Cowboys, and the Bills at Kansas City Sunday night. Monday has the Colts at Ravens.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 10/7-11/2021

Week 6 NCAA College Football Picks
Close to the halfway mark in the college football season, things are beginning to sort themselves out, at least as far as the top two teams in the country are. That would be Alabama and Georgia, both dominant last week and in action this weekend as the #1 Crimson Tide visit #12 Texas A&M and #2 Georgia plays at #18 Auburn. Also in action are #4 Penn State at #3 Iowa, #6 Oklahoma meets #21 Texas, Maryland travels to #7 Ohio State, Boise State plays at #10 BYU, and Nebraska hosts #9 Michigan.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 10/7-9/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of October 3 to October 9, 2021
Friday: Reality Maintains; Stocks Ride Up, Lose 2/5ths of Gains; September Jobs Number Meaningless; Let's Go, Brandon!
Thursday: ISM Data, ADP Payrolls, Mitch McConnell Caving on Debt Ceiling Send Bears Running for Cover
Wednesday: Adventures In Bear Country; Stocks Gain Tuesday, But Futures, International Markets Point Lower Wednesday
Tuesday: Shouldn't Stocks Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels?
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks End Week with a Bang, Though Not Enough to Avoid Overall Ugly Week; Cryptos Soar
Money Daily, 10/3- 10/9/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 4 NFL Picks
Entering week 4, there are five undefeated teams in the NFL, including two each from the western conferences, those being Arizona, LA Rams, Denver, and Las Vegas. Carolina rounds out the unbeaten. Five teams are winless as well, with the Jets, Jaguars, Colts, Giants and Lions seeking their first win of 2021. Key games over the weekend include Carolina at Dallas, Cleveland at Minnesota, Chiefs at Eagles, Cardinals at Rams, Ravens at Broncos, Tampa Bay at New England, and a Monday night AFC West showdown, as the Raiders invade LA to take on the Chargers.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 9/30 - 10/4/2021

Week 5 NCAA College Football Picks
Week 5 features some heady match-ups in conference action, highlighted by the border war when #12 Ole Miss visits #1 Alabama. also not to be missed are #8 Arkansas at #2 Georgia, and #7 Cincinnati at #9 Notre Dame. Among the Top 25 are #5 Iowa at Maryland, Indiana at #4 Penn State, #3 Oregon at Stanford, #18 Fresno State at Hawaii, #22 Auburn at LSU, #21 Baylor at Okalhoma State, Mississippi State at #15 Texas A&M, #10 Florida at Kentucky, and #6 Oklahoma at Kansas State.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 9/30 - 10/2/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of September 26 to October 2, 2021
Friday: Stocks Slide as Market Goes Haywire; Crisis Deepens, Dow, NASDAQ Set for Worst Week Since June
Thursday: Congress to Avoid Shutdown Via Thursday Vote; Stocks Remain Mired Below 50-Day Moving Averages
Wednesday: Stocks Slammed as Interest Rates Spike; Washington Politics Sends Waves of Despair to Wall Street
Tuesday: Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain... We're Not in Kansas Any More, Toto
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Clear Message: Buy the Dip, Sell Your Gold, Do Not Buy Bitcoin, Get Jabbed, Pay More for Everything
Money Daily, 9/26- 10/2/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 3 NFL Picks
There may be a number of blowouts in Week 3, as the NFL heirarchy gets sorted out, in games like the Jets at Broncos, Cardinals at Jaguars, or Ravens at Lions, but there will be plentyof solid head-to-head action in others. Key meetings this weekend include Chicago at Cleveland, LA Chargers at Kansas City, New Orleans at New England, Bengals at Steelers, Tampa Bay at the LA Rams, Seahawks at Vikings and Packers at 49ers. Monday night's Eagles at Dallas clash figures to be ultra competitive.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 9/23-27/2021

Week 4 NCAA College Football Picks
Conference play becomes the norm for Week 4 in college grid action as Friday's featured games include Wake Forest at Virginia in the ACC, and UNLV at #22 Fresno State in the Mountain West. Satruday offers a number of big games, including #12 Notre Dame at #18 Wisconsin, LSU at Mississippi State, #7 Texas A&M at #16 Arkansas, #9 Clemson at NC State, #14 Iowa State at Baylor, West Virginia at #4 Oklahoma, and Arizona at #3 Oregon.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 9/23-25/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of September 19-25, 2021
Friday: Dow Soars 500 Points; Bonds Whacked as Government Shutdown, Debt Crisis Looms
Thursday: After FOMC Meeting, Stock Market May Be Setting Up for a Fall; Evergrande, Debt Ceiling Remain Issues
Wednesday: Evergrande Problem Not Going Away; Stocks Slide Despite Bounce Attempts; Wall Street Narrative Remains False
Tuesday: Stocks Get Bushwhacked As Evergrande, Debt Ceiling Debate Come Into Focus
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Will the US Default on $28 Trillion Debt in an Orderly Fashion? Gold, Silver Dashed; Stocks Enter Bear Market
Money Daily, 9/19 - 9/25/2021

College Football Picks for Week 3
Highlighting week 3 is a clash of titans in the SEC, as #1 Alabama visits #11 Florida. Other entertaining and possibly tight games include #8 Cincinnati at Indiana, #15 Virginia Tech at West Virginia, Michigan State at #24 Miami, Purdue at #12 Notre Dame, #22 auburn at #10 Penn State, #19 Arizona State at #23 BYU, and Fresno State at #13 UCLA.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 9/16-18/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 2 NFL Picks
Week 1 in the books, 16 teams are 0-1, 16 others 1-0 Key match-ups for week 2 include Minnesota at Arizona, Dallas at LA Chargers, Tennessee at Seattle, Kansas City at Baltimore, Las Vegas at Pittsburgh, 49ers at Eagles, Bills at Dolphins, Houston at Cleveland. Plenty to like, all 16 games picked.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 9/16-19/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of September 12-18, 2021
Friday: Stocks Dive, Then Rally Thursday, Setting Up for Quad-Witching Friday As Evergrande Overhangs Markets
Thursday: Flash Rally Based on No News; Unemployment Claims, Retail Sales Static; China Real Estate the Real Issue
Wednesday: Stocks Stumble After CPI Shows Inflation Slowing; Dow Transports In Correction, Down 10.4%
Tuesday: CPI Falls, August Rise Only 0.3%; Japan's NIKKEI 225 Hits 31-Year High; Stocks Set for Frothy Open
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Stumble in September; Bitcoin Goes Mainstream; Congress Dawdles on Debt Ceiling, Budget
Money Daily, 9/12 - 9/18/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 1 NFL Picks
NFL football kicks off with the Super Bowl champs, Tampa Bay, hosting the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night. Sunday feature games include Steelers at Bills, Vikings at Bengals, Seahawks at Colts, Cardinals at Titans, Browns at Chiefs, Packers at Saints, Bears at Rams, and Monday has the Ravens at Las Vegas.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 9/9-13/2021

College Football Picks for Week 2
Some compelling non-conference games highlight the second week of college grid action. Thursday has Kansas at #17 Coastal Carolina, and UTEP at Boise State. Saturday's best include #12 Oregon at #3 Ohio State, #13 Florida at South Florida, Toledo at #8 Notre Dame, #5 Texas A&M at Colorado, #10 Iowa at #9 Iowa State, Washington at Michigan, and Stanford at #14 USC.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 9/10-11/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of September 5-11, 2021
Friday: Stocks Struggle in September Slump; Dow Transports Signaling Bearish Trend; Industrials Look to Be Down on the Week
Thursday: The Big Fake Out
Wednesday: El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Whole; The Great Awakening Beckons; Globalists Scattering Like Flies
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Dow Transportation Average Belies Reopening Narrative; All Eyes Turn to US Congress
Money Daily, 9/5 - 9/11/2021

College Football Kicks Off (FOR REAL)
A huge opening weekend is in store for college football fans, highlighted by some Top 25 match-ups that may well resonate through to the national championship. The weekend gets an early start Thursday with Boise State at UCF and #4 Ohio State at Minnesota. Friday's features are #10 North Carolina at West Virginia and Michigan State at Northwestern. Saturday's best are #1 Alabama vs. #14 Miami, and #5 Georgia at #3 Clemson. #19 Penn State at #12 Wisconsin, #17 Indiana at #18 Iowa, and #23 Louisiana at #21 Texas add to the appeal.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 8/31/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of August 29 - September 4, 2021
Friday: Big Miss on August Non-Farm Payrolls; Only 235,000 Jobs Created; Recovery Stalling, Delta, Job Reluctance Blamed
Thursday: Dow Industrials Lagging Along with Transports as NASDAQ Records Another ATH
Wednesday: As Corruption Is About at a Peak, September Arrives; Hush Up About the Debt Ceiling
Tuesday: Can Kicking Nearing End of Road as China's Economy Slows
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Hey, Hey, Jay: Powell's Dovish Jackson Hole Remarks Send Stocks Through the Roof
Money Daily, 8/29 - 9/4/2021

College Football Kicks Off
The NCAA gets the college football season off to an early start with five games this last Saturday in August. Only two of the games are worth mentioning: Nebraska is at Illinois, and UCLA hosts Hawaii. Analysis, coin flip and Fearless Rick's pick.
Fearless Rick's College Football Picks, 8/28/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 3 Preseason NFL Picks
Final tuneup before the regular season, the NFL's week 3 preseason games will have more regulars participating, especially at the quarterback position. Among the top games are Pittsburgh at Carolina, Minnesota at Kansas City, Baltimore (looking for a 20th straight preseason win) at Washington, Tampa Bay at Houston, LA Rams at Denver, Miami at Cincinnati, and Cleveland at Atlanta. Fearless Rick hit 9 of 10 on Saturday last week and finished a solid 10-5-1.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 8/27-29/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of August 22 - August 28, 2021
Friday: Fed Speakers, Afghan Bombings, Quiet GDP Trigger Wall Street Selling Ahead of Powell's Jackson Hole Speech
Thursday: Will the Dow Rise or Roll Over?; How Many Boosters Needed? Run Away After Labor Day?
Wednesday: NASDAQ, S&P Set New Marks; Oil Rebounds; Bitcoin Struggles at $50K; Durables Flat
Tuesday: NASDAQ Reaches All-Time High; Pfizer Gets FDA Approval; Bitcoin Pushes Past $50K
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Economic Crosscurrents Appear to Be Trending Towards Disinflation as Asset Prices Fade from Highs
Money Daily, 8/22 - 8/28/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 2 Preseason NFL Picks
After an eventful opening of the NFL's shortened preseason, week 2 rolls in quickly, finding some teams with plenty of answers and others still questioning. More regulars will likely see action in week 2, though each team is handling the preseason in their own manner. Among the better games for this weekend are Kansas City at Arizona, Buffalo at Chicago, Baltimore at Carolina, Tennessee at Tampa Bay, Houston at Dallas, Las Vegas at the LA Rams, and the 49ers at the LA Chargers.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 8/17-22/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of August 15 - August 21, 2021
Friday: Thursday's Wreckage Averted by Plunge Protection Team, Smart Wall Street Algorithms, Mythical Dip Buyers
Thursday: Welcome to the Pain Clinic: Toyota Slashes Production, Global Financial Panic Unleashed
Wednesday: Afghanistan Departure, Retail Sales Miss Give Wall Street Black Eye; Push Back Going Global
Tuesday: It Was a Great Party; Now Comes the Hangover; Thoughts on the World After Afghanistan
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: 50 Years After Nixon Shockingly Closed the Gold Window, It's a Wonderful Floating Fiat Currency Life
Money Daily, 8/15 - 8/21/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin Flip Week 1 Preseason NFL Picks
The first full week of preseason games are on the board and queued up for NFL action. Fearless Rick, fresh off a winning pick in the Hall of Fame game, presents picks and future analysis of all NFL games this week, along with the (often infallible) Coin Flip picks. Key games include Washington at New England, Dallas at Arizona, Saints at Ravens, Chiefs at 49ers, and Chargers at Rams for LA early bragging rights.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 8/12-15/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of August 8 - August 14, 2021
Friday: It's Friday. Stocks Are Likely to Trend Higher; eBay Misses on Revenue, Shares Still Rise
Thursday: Even If There Is No Dip, You Must Buy Stocks; Dow, S&P, NYSE Composite All Close at Record Highs
Wednesday: CPI, the Fed, and the Slow-Motion Debt Jubilee; Inflation Is Constant, Only the Rate Changes
Tuesday: Stocks Weak at Start of Week; Gold, Silver, Oil Lose Ground
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Blowout July Non-Farm Payrolls Boost Stocks, Cryptos, Batter Bonds, Crude, and Precious Metals
Money Daily, 8/8 - 8/14/2021

Cowboys-Steelers Highlight Hall of Fame Game As NFL Preseason Begins
It's early August and that can only mean it's time for some summer football as the pros go back to work and get ready with three weeks of preseason games. The Dallas Cowboys meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in the traditional Hall of Fame opener in Canton, Ohio, Thursday, August 5. Fearless Rick and the intrepid coin flip have the pick.
Fearless Rick's NFL Picks, 8/3/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of August 1 - August 8, 2021
Friday: Stocks Rebound Thursday, Look to July Non-Farm Payroll Data to End Week
Thursday: Bumpy Ride? With Dow and NYSE Composite Pounded Lower, Friday's July Non-Farm Payroll Data May Provide a Pivot Point
Wednesday: Stocks, Real Estate Soaring as S&P 500 Makes New High; ADP July Jobs Report Misses Badly
Tuesday: Stocks Retreat as Masking, Vaccine Requirements Spread in Face of Suspicious Delta Demands
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Sideways Stocks, Ups-and-Downs in Metals Markets, Fed Flatline, and a Compromising Congress
Money Daily, 8/1 - 8/7/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of July 18 - July 24, 2021
Friday: The Way of all Fiat; Following Japan and the NIKKEI to Total Currency Devaluation
Thursday: Fed Punts; Senate Moves Infrastructure Bill to Full Debate; Budget Reconciliation Possibly Delayed to September
Wednesday: Fed Day Arrives; Markets Ready for More of the Same; Silver on Sale; Bitcoin Booming, Soon to Moon?
Tuesday: Stocks Make New Highs Again As Washington Politicians Dither Over Infrastructure Bill, Budget, Debt Ceiling
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Bounce Back; Dow, NASDAQ, S&P Close Out Volatile Week at Record Highs; Bitcoin Rebounds
Money Daily, 7/25 - 7/31/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of July 18 - July 24, 2021
Friday: Stocks Look to Tack on to Gains as Easy Money Has Only One Direction
Thursday: Stocks Rally Again As Government Debt Ceiling Crisis Brews and FOMC Meets Next Week
Wednesday: Buy the Dip Mentality Prevails; Stocks Rebound, Bitcoin Higher
Tuesday: Rough Day on Wall Street; NIKKEI in Correction, Below 200-Day Moving Average; Bitcoin Crashes; Oil Down 11.7%
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Dow's Decline A Telling Sign; NIKKEI Plummeting Again; Busy Earnings Week Upcoming; Oil Falls
Money Daily, 7/18 - 7/24/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of July 11 - July 17, 2021
Friday: Retail Sales Plus 0.6% in June, Boosting Stocks; John Hussman, Robert Shiller Point Out Valuation Extremes
Thursday: Bank Stock Earnings Not Producing Broad Market Gains; Gold, Silver Higher, Bitcoin Lower; NIKKEI Pattern Troubling
Wednesday: Who's Afraid of a Little Inflation? Certainly Not the Fed Nor Wall Street
Tuesday: Dow, NASDAQ, S&P Close at Record Highs; Inflation Rises to 5.4%; JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs Smash Earnings
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Treasuries Pointing to Potential Monetary Mishaps; London-Based Bullion Banks Get a Pass
Money Daily, 7/11 - 7/17/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of July 4 - July 10, 2021
Friday: Stocks Eye Second Straight Down Week; Wells Fargo Cuts Lines of Credit, Bank Stocks Slammed
Thursday: Congress Has to Deal with the Debt Ceiling Before July 31; Global Markets Anticipate Trouble
Wednesday: Is the Market Becoming Rational? Bank Stocks Continue Decline
Tuesday: WEEKEND WRAP: Independence Day 2021 Edition Part II, Commentary, Summation, Conclusions
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP Independence Day 2021 Edition, Part I, Just Data, No Frills
Money Daily, 7/4 - 7/10/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of June 27 - July 3, 2021
Friday: Independence Day Beckons
Thursday: Second Quarter Ends Strong; S&P Strikes Another Record Close; Continuing Unemployment A Small Business Crisis
Wednesday: As the Recovery Proceeds, Stocks Should Roar Through Second Quarter Earnings
Tuesday: Looking for Window Dressing As Second Quarter Winds Down
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks... and Nothing Else
Money Daily, 6/27 - 7/3/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of June 20 - June 26, 2021
Friday: Stocks Look to End Week on High Note, Erasing Prior Week's Losses; Dems May Nuke Infrastructure Plan
Thursday: Stocks Steady As Final 1st Quarter GDP Shows 6.4% Gain; Initial Claims Trending Higher at 411,000
Wednesday: Financial Cross-Currents Making Market Movement Risky and Difficult to Predict
Tuesday: Fed Sponsors Dead Cat Bounce After Tightening Talk Tremors; Bitcoin Trends Lower
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Slammed As Fed Blunders Into Inflation Debate; Gold, Silver Punished; Bitcoin Reeling, Rocking, Rolling
Money Daily, 6/20 - 6/26/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of June 13 - June 19, 2021
Friday: Options Expiry, Quad Witching a Prelude to The Big Dump; Gold, Silver Punished Severely
Thursday: Fed Tosses Interest Rate Grenade Into Markets, Sprinkles Salt on Wounds; IMF Snubs El Salvador, Bitcoin
Wednesday: Biden-Putin and FOMC: Big Duds Will Lead to Stock Market Catastrophe
Tuesday: Epic Failing and Fakery At the Top; Maricopa County Audit Completes Hand Count; Musk Pumps Bitcoin (again)
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: World of Confusion: CPI Rises, Bonds Rip; NASDAQ Emerges; Bitcoin Legal In El Salvador; G7 Fights China With Press Release
Money Daily, 6/13 - 6/19/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of June 6 - June 12, 2021
Friday: Week Likely To End Quietly As G7 Summit Kicks Off in England
Thursday: Best Asset Classes Are Your Mind and Your Skills; Annual CPI Reading at 5.0%
Wednesday: As Stocks Languish Below All-Time Highs, El Salvador Approves Bitcoin As Legal Tender
Tuesday: Going Back Some Day, Come What May, to Blue Bayou
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Short Week Has Bitcoin Down, Stocks Up Marginally, Oil Near $70/Barrel
Money Daily, 6/6 - 6/12/2021

6 Minutes with Fearless Rick - Belmont Stakes 2021
Analysis of the Belmont Stakes for Saturday, June 5, 2021.

6 (actually 8) Minutes with Fearless Rick 6/4/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of May 30 - June 5, 2021
Friday: Recent Bitcoin Trading Reeks of Wall Street Day-Trading Stench
Thursday: Stocks Losing Momentum as Bitcoin, Gold, Silver Begin to Show Strength; Initial Claims Lower
Wednesday: Stocks Shed Gains Post Holiday Hangover
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Why the New Normal May or May Not Look Like the Old; Gold, Silver Soaring
Money Daily, 5/30 - 6/5/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of May 23-29, 2021
Friday: This Market Isn't Saying Sell In May; Make Thoughts Count on Memorial Day
Thursday: Will Bitcoin Bounce? Crypto Crash Seen As Temporary Setback; PayPal To Enable Crypto Transfers
Wednesday: Silver Was Above $28, Gold Over $1900; Will the COMEX/LBMA/Central Bank Fraud Ever End?
Tuesday: Taking A Day Off
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: The US Government and Federal Reserve Are A Complete Mess and Bitcoin Gets Beaten for It
Money Daily, 5/23 - 5/29/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of May 16-22, 2021
Friday: Stocks Reverse Trend Thursday, Seek Further Upside; Cryptos Gradually Recovering from Midweek Beating
Thursday: Stocks Down Third Straight Day, for Third Straight Week; Cryptos Assaulted By Fed FUD
Wednesday: Here We Go: Everything Bubble Turning Into Everything Crash
Tuesday: Pattern Recognition, Shortages, Stagflation, and the Temerity of the Fed
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Markets Yo-Yo, Finish Lower; Nikkei Bounces Off Correction; Gas Higher; Gold, Silver Stable
Money Daily, 5/16 - 5/22/2021

6 Minutes with Fearless Rick - Preakness 2021
Fearless Rick has analysis and wagering advice on the Preakness at Pimlico in Baltimore. As usual, Rick has a multi-horse strategy and the potential for a solid win.

6 Minutes (closer to 7) with Fearless Rick 5/15/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of May 9-15, 2021
Friday: Stocks Rebounded Thursday; Japan's Nikkei Sported Gains Friday, But the Week Was a Loser
Thursday: Dollar Rush Goes Global: US Stocks Whacked; Nikkei At Correction Level; Musk Betrays #Bitcoin Hodlers
Wednesday: Nikkei Drops Another 1.6%; LBMA Caught Lying About Vaulted Silver; CPI Rises At 4.2% Annual Rate
Tuesday: Japan Is Crashing; Nikkei 225 Down 900 Points, 3%; Leads to Carnage in Europe, US
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Elon Musk Crushes DOGE on SNL; BIS Rule May Rally Gold; Retail Silver Soars; Gas Prices Rising
Money Daily, 5/9 - 5/15/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of May 2-8, 2021
Friday: April Jobs Come in at 266,000, Missing Expectation of 1 Million; Futures Down, Gold, Silver Surge
Thursday: Hundreds of US Banks To Offer Bitcoin To Customers This Year: Multiple Reports; #Bitcoin Will Moon
Wednesday: Janet Yellen Needs To Be Retired; Comments Spark Mass Selloff
Tuesday: Nikkei 225, Dow 30 Show Bearish Patterns
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Cryptos #Bitcoin and #Ethereum Ramp Higher; Stocks Flat Second Straight Week; Silver Squeeze 2 Underway
Money Daily, 5/2 - 5/8/2021

3 Minutes with Fearless Rick - Kentucky Derby 2021
Fearless Rick offers analysis and wagering advice on the 147th Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs. Rick's prowess as a horse handicapper is undeniable and he's found a serious sleeper in the field of 20 in the first leg of the Triple Crown.

3 Minutes (actually 5) with Fearless Rick 5/1/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of April 25 - May 1, 2021
Friday: Japan's Nikkei 225 (^N225) a Leading Indicator of a Bankrupt, Zombie Planet
Thursday: Fed Shrugs Off Inflation, Again; Biden Plan: Handouts and Higher Taxes
Wednesday: Google's Blowout Earnings; Investor Disconnect As Markets Struggle; #Etherium Taking Crypto By Storm
Tuesday: Musk Tweets, Tesla Beats; JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon Green Light's Bitcoin; NASDAQ Closes At ATH
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Biden's Green Promise Is Full of Hot Air; Bitcoin Bombs, Bonds Flat, Silver On the Radar
Money Daily, 4/25 - 5/1/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of April 18-24, 2021
Friday: Biden Tax Proposals Shake Markets; Stocks, Cryptos, Precious Metals All Suffer Losses
Thursday: Bitcoin Suffers Declines as Hodlers Seek Policy Guidance from Entrenched US Government
Wednesday: Did NASDAQ 'Ring the Bell' On a Market Top? #SilverSqueeze Prepares Another Assault
Tuesday: Shift From Growth To Value Is Now a Blip, But Could Become a Trend
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Why A Return To Normal Won't Happen; Bitcoin Battered, Gold, Silver Gain
Money Daily, 4/18-24/2021

Chisox's Rodon Nearly Perfect In No-Hitter Over Tribe
Carlos Rodon tossed the second no-hitter of the season and first this year by an American League club... All Sports Report, 4/15/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of April 11-17, 2021
Friday: Federal Government Keeps Digging $28 Trillion Hole Deeper And Deeper
Thursday: Banks Report Blowout 1Q Earnings, Smashing Expectations by Releasing Loan Loss Reserves
Wednesday: Bitcoin Surging Prior To Coinbase IPO; CPI Highest In 8 1/2 Years
Tuesday: Is There An Escape From The Matrix?
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks, Cryptos, Precious Metals All Grind Higher; Oil, Interest Rates Trend Lower
Money Daily, 4/11-17/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of April 4-10, 2021
Friday: S&P Makes Another Record Close; Gold, Silver Bid; 20 States Now Support Constitutional Carry Gun Laws
Thursday: Another Lehman Moment? Signs Are Pointing To Bigger, Systemic Rot In Global Finance
Wednesday: Why Is It Wednesday? Systemic Corruption, Media Blanket, the IMF and a Bretton Woods Moment
Tuesday: Dow, S&P 500, NYSE All Close At Record Highs, The End Not Within Sight Nor Sound
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Dull, Short Week Ends with S&P 500 At Record High; Gold, Silver Rebound; Gas Prices Remain Elevated
Money Daily, 4/4-4/10/2021

Mets-Nats, O's-Red Sox Postponed; 20% Capacity in NY; 100% in Texas
Test-driving our new All Sports Report blog with an MLB opening day update. Fans are being allowed to attend games as MLB begins what they hope to be a full, 162-game schedule. Some snarky comments about the Yankees and the scam-demic restrictions at some ball parks and postponment of Francisco Lindor's debuut as a New York Met.
All Sports Report, 4/1/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of March 28 - April 3, 2021
Thursday: Big Guy Biden's American Jobs Plan to Finance Congressional Graft, Pork, and Slush Fund over Eight Years
Wednesday: Lies, Lies, More Lies, Statistics; Grace Slick, Alan Parsons, and Jesus
Tuesday: What To Do With $1400 Stimulus; Stocks, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Guns, Golf Clubs, Robot Lawn Mowers?
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Wild Week-Long Ride For All Asset Classes As Stocks, Bonds, Cryptos, Metals Fall And (Some) Rise
Money Daily, 3/28 - 4/3/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of March 21-27, 2021
Friday: Day-Traders' Delight: Dow Wows With 940-Point Round Trip Thursday Turnaround
Thursday: Stocks Looking For Reasons To Rally; None To Be Found
Wednesday: Stocks Knocked; Techs Under Pressure; Oil Skid Continues; New Home Sales Drop 18 Percent
Tuesday: Key To Recovery Will Be Demographics, Especially Millennials and Generation Z
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Inflation Pressures Continue Mounting In Bonds, Base Metals, Despite Official Fed Muttering
Money Daily, 3/21 - 3/27/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of March 14-20, 2021
Friday: NASDAQ Tumbles Again, Pulling Dow, S&P Off Record Highs; Long Bonds Issue Warnings
Thursday: Jerome Powell and the FOMC Flying Usury Circus
Wednesday: Stupid People Are Running (and Ruining) Everything
Tuesday: Gold, Silver, Stocks, Bitcoin, Canned Goods, Water, Guns, Ammo... What Do You Really Need?
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stimulus Bill Sends Stocks Soaring; Bitcoin Over $60,000; Long Bonds Battered
Money Daily, 3/14 - 3/20/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of March 7-13, 2021
Friday: Record Highs on Dow Industrials, S&P 500, NYSE Composite; How Far Can They Go?
Thursday: Record Five Month US Budget Deficit Surpasses $1 Trillion; Dollar Destruction Accelerating
Wednesday: Nancy Pelosi Is Excited About Helicopter Money; More Inflation Will Be The Result
Tuesday: NASDAQ Tanks, Bitcoin Heads To Moon As All Millionaires Can't Own One
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Spending Spree!
Money Daily, 3/7 - 3/13/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of February 28 - March 6, 2021
Friday: Rough Day On Wall Street; NASDAQ In Correction; February Payrolls Stunning
Thursday: Fearless Rick Predicts: Stocks, Silver, Bitcoin, Interest Rates, Real Estate
Wednesday: NASDAQ Drops Becoming Serious; Bitcoin Exploding Higher
Tuesday: Stocks Bounce Higher On Positive Earnings by Berkshire-Hathaway, Target, and COVID Relief Bill
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Rough Week All Around; Stocks, Bonds, Bitcoin, Gold, Silver All Lower
Money Daily, 2/28/2021 - 3/6/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of February 21 - February 27, 2021
Friday: Sorry, Internet Outage Kept Us Offline Thursday, Feb. 25
Thursday: They're Ba--aack! WallStreetBets Crew Sends GameStop Stock Soaring, Shorts Running for Cover
Wednesday: Why Nobody Needs To Worry About Stocks Right Now
Tuesday: The Folly of the Dollar Index, GDP Fakery, Pandemic Confusion
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: As Bond Market Implodes The World Is Turning To Asia and Bitcoin
Money Daily, 2/21/2021 - 2/27/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of February 14 - February 20, 2021
Friday: The Rich Are Different And Maybe Not Better; You Can Be Good And Rich
Thursday: Initial Claims Continue at High Levels; Rush Limbaugh Passes
Wednesday: Silver, 10-Year Note Harbingers Of Systemwide Financial Stress
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Roles For Silver, Bitcoin, and Gold In A Global Currency Reset; Silver Market Price: $42.99
Money Daily, 2/14/2021 - 2/20/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of February 7 - February 13, 2021
Friday: Where We Go From Here
Thursday: Slacker Nation: 793,000 File Initial Unemployment Claims; 20 Million Jobless; 150 Million Idle Americans
Wednesday: Bonds. No Bonds.
Tuesday: Dow, NASDAQ, S&P 500, NYSE, Bitcoin All Rally To New All-Time Highs
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Reddit's #Silver Squeeze Silver Rush Strikes at the Heart of Gold and Central Banking
Money Daily, 2/7/2021 - 2/13/2021

Fearless Rick & Coin Flip Pick

It's the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the ultimate NFL prize in Super Bowl LV, pitting KC's brash Patrick Mahomes against Tampa's wily veteran, Tom Brady. While Mahomes and the Chiefs look to repeat as NFL champions, Brady seeks his seventh championship ring Sunday, February 7, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Fearless Rick has game analysis, his pick and the coin flip selection. Plus a Super Bowl Quiz and every Super Bowl final score from 1967 to the present.
Fearless Rick's Pro and College Football Picks, 2/2/2021
FINAL: Tampa Bay 31 Kansas City 9, Tom Brady, MVP

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of January 31 - February 6, 2021
Friday: Big Fail: US Non-Farm Payroll Adds 49,000 Jobs in January; December Revised To -227,000
Thursday: Silver Spot, Market Price Decoupled Thanks to Reddters r/wallstreetbets, Overwhelming Demand, Supply Delays
Wednesday: Reddit's r/wallstreetbets, LBMA, COMEX Can All Claim Victory; Initial Single Ounce Silver Market Benchmark Released
Tuesday: Don't Be Fooled By The Silver Short Success; It's Time For A New Standard Benchmark Pricing Mechanism
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: r/wallstreetbets Reddit Group Escalates To Full Scale War On Hedge Funds, Short-Sellers, Buying Silver
Money Daily, 1/31/2021 - 2/6/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of January 24 - January 30, 2021
Friday: Wall Street Trench Warfare Pits Millennials Against Hedge Funds, Brokerages, the "System"
Tuesday: World Economic Forum Opens on Virtual Platform
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Biden Takes Oath; Stocks Pause, Bonds Flat; Earnings Season in Full Swing
Money Daily, 1/24/2021 - 1/30/2021

Fearless Rick & Coin Flip NFL Conference Championship Picks
In the AFC, the Buffalo Bills scored an impressive, 17-3, win over the Ravens to advance to the championship game at Kansas City, 22-17 winners over Cleveland last week. Green Bay hosts Tampa Bay in the NFC, as the Packers defeated the Rams, 32-18, while the Buccaneers gashed the Saints, 30-20. Fearless Rick's Pro and College Football Picks, 1/20/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of January 17 - January 23, 2021
Friday: Radio Silence; Stocks Looking for Lower Open
Thursday: Economic Policies to Expect from Joe Biden's Administration and How to Deal with Them
Wednesday: Yellen Confirmation Hearings Portend Further Devaluation of the Dollar
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: DC Armed Up; Bank Stocks, Gold, Silver Pounded; Chaos Before The Storm
Money Daily, 1/17/2021 - 1/23/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin NFL Divisional Picks
Moving on to the second weekend of NFL playoffs, this week's winners will advance to their conference championships. Saturday starts off with the Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Pakcers, followed by the Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills. Sunday, it's the Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs, with the nightcap, Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints, featuring 43-year-old Tom Brady and 42-year-old Drew Brees as starting quarterbacks. Fearless Rick's Pro and College Football Picks, 1/12/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of January 10 - January 16, 2021
Friday: JP Morgan, Citi, Wells Fargo Blow Out Q4 Results on Lower Credit Loss Reserves
Thursday: Too Many Questions and Not Enough Answers; Initial Unemployment Claims at 965,000
Wednesday: Stocks Grind Slightly Higher; Bitcoin, Gold, Silver on a Break; Crypto vs. MSM; Collectibles FTW?
Tuesday: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple All Lower After Censorship Purge
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Stocks Rip, Bonds Flip, Metals Dumped, Cryptos Soar (dtmagazine.com demonetized)
Money Daily, 1/10/2021 - 1/16/2021

Fearless Rick and the Coin NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks
It's the playoffs, with an additional wild card added to the fun this season and only two byes given out, each to the leaders in each respective conference, this year going to Green Bay and Kansas City. For the remaining teams it's back to the gridiron with three games Saturday and three more Sunday. On Saturday, the Colts visit the Bills, followed by the Rams at Seahawks, and Tampa Bay at Washington the night game. Sunday, Baltimore's at Tennessee to start, then it's the Bears at Saints, with Cleveland at Pittsburgh closing out the weekend. Lots of solid NFL action. Fearless Rick's Pro and College Football Picks, 1/6/2021

NCAA College Football National Championship
The stage is set at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium for the college football national championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Ohio State Buckeyes on Monday, January 11 at 8:00 pm ET. 12-0 Alabama earned its way into the game with a 31-14 win over Notre Dame, while the 7-0 Buckeyes demolished Clemson, 49-28 in the other semifinal. Fearless Rick provides analysis and prediction plus coin flip pick. Fearless Rick's Pro and College Football Picks, 1/6/2021

Business, Money, Financial News for the Week of January 3 - January 9, 2021
Friday: December Non-Farm Payrolls -140,000; Stocks Gain, Bitcoin Soars Over $41,000
Thursday: Best Wishes, Joe & Kamala, From 80 Million Deplorables; Mudville, Bitcoin, and Max Keiser's Reveal
Wednesday: Georgia Goes Full Democrat, Triggering Bond Yield Spike, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin Gains
Tuesday: BOHICA: On Being A Boy Scout As Government, Economy Disintegrates Into The Greater Depression
Sunday: WEEKEND WRAP: Year-end Prices, New Year Projections, Great Reset?
Money Daily, 1/3/2021 - 1/9/2021

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