Playboy Magazine October 1971

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Playboy October 1971

Cover: Darine Stern

Playmate: Claire Rambeau

Interview: Charles Evers

Pictorials: Meet Marissa five pages of actress Marissa Berenson; The Porno Girls, pictorial essay, features porn pioneers Maria Arnold, Mary Rexroth, Amanda Muir, Susannah Fields, Nora Wieternik and others in films such as "Flesh Gordon", "The Undergraduate", "Cozy Cool" and "Intersection"

Features: Profile of Chicago Bears' Middle Linebacker, Dick Butkus, by Arthur Kretchmer; fiction by Evan Hunter, The Sardinian Incident,and Warner Law, Payoff on Double Zero; a vision of the year 2000 in More Futures Than Oneby Poul Anderson; Twilight of the Primitiveby Lewis Cotlow, focuses on the genocide of natives worldwide; four new poems by Yevgeny Yevtushenko; full-page Vargas Girl.

Pages: 260