Playboy Magazine October 1983

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Playboy October 1983

Cover: Charlotte Kemp

Playmate: Tracy Vaccaro

Interview: Cast of Hill Street Blues

20 Questions: Joe Piscopo

Pictorials: Reds - a salute to redheads - includes Charlotte Kemp and others; Loretta Martin in Brunette Ambition.

Features: Fiction by Reg Potterton, Quantill and the Goldfish; articles, Sporting Man's Guide to College Football by John A. Walsh, and Against the Spread by Anson Mount; The Last Great Network Olympics by Ron Powers; First part of a computer series, Computers: Fear of Interfacing by Peter A. McWilliams; satire, Bernard and Huey by Jules Feiffer; memoir, Rock and Roll: The Best Years of My Life by Rick Telander.

Pages: 214