Playboy Magazine October 1985

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Playboy October 1985

Cover: Sherry Arnett

Playmate: Cynthia Brimhall

Interview: John DeLorean

20 Questions: Rosanna Arquette

Pictorials: Jerry Hallphotographed by Annie Leibovitz; Girls of the Pac-10: C.C. Shanahan, Kendra Lee Crass, Rhonda Williams, Donna Bennett, Christine Winge, Lori Bow, Catherine Piersall, Carmela Dempsey, Becky LeBeau, Christina Misa, Kimberley Kristeen, Kimberly McHone, Judy Malana, Ellen Lundy, Romona Turner, Kristin Hera, Lisa Thompson, Tana Olsen, Leslie Anne Chamberlain, Dayna Murray, Rebecca May Henderson, Tanna Paige, Connie Whicker, Tina Sherman and Wendy Vincent photographed by David Chan.

Features: "The Self-Crucifixion of Cathleen Crowell Webb" by Elizabeth and Edwin Black; "Sportsmen--A Story" by Thomas McGuane; "Playboy's Pigskin Preview" (College) by Anson Mount; first bound edition also features Buck Henry, Robert Stone, Dan Jenkins.

Pages: 266

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