Playboy Magazine October 1989

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Playboy October 1989

Cover: Pamela Anderson

Playmate: Karen Foster

Interview: Keith Richards

20 Questions: Geena Davis

Pictorials: Girls of the SEC offers intimate views of coeds Lisa Blumen, Yvonne Davidson, Debra Evans, Laura Hayes Meadows, Elizabeth Tucker, Lin Lumpuy, Stacey Newsome, Marcella Duke, Kelly Love Krajewski, Michelle Bradley, Maria Valens, Amy Eckman, Sharon Lissa Bare, Annie Johnson, Laura Whittington, Katherine Hands, Jennifer Adams, Nancy Ree, Kelly Gilstrap, Squeak Foster, Anna Rolf, Paula Piskie, Kristy Santos, Janna Abell, Mary Courtney ELam, Nichelle Basch, Lisa Riente, Keri Taylor, Michelle White, Christy Beavers, Danielle Daine, Jennifer Mackey, Louise Santopolo, Kimberly Kowalke, Shanen Dean, Marcella Baker, Lesley Warwick, Carla Crudup, Mishelle Ashley, Laura Fairchild, Jennifer Fauver, Wendy Christine, Erica Duh, and Melissa Evridge; Julie McCullough, who appeared on the cover of Playboy (2/85 and 9/86), and as a Playmate (2/86), returns in a sizzling pictorial while she stars in "Growing Pains."

Features: Chris Miller, who wrote the original movie, pens "Return to Animal House"; the annual pigskin preview features college all-Americans Major Harris (WVa), Emmitt Smith (Florida), Mark Carrier (USC) in team photos; College Women Talk About Campus Rex by Janet Lever; super Absolut fold-out ad.

Pages: 178