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Playboy Ocotber 1991

Cover: Tai Collins

Playmate: Cheryl Bachman

Interview: Robert Maxwell

20 Questions: Camille Paglia

Pictorials: Girls of the Big Ten with lovely coeds from midwest colleges, Park Morgan, Lesley Mitchell, Cindy Cooper, Lisa Early, Amanda Rice, Natalie Ann Bogusky, Heather Johnson, Trista Mowry, Heather Moody, Kelly Cochran, Michelle Halsey, Michelle Bradley, Malinda Peters, Karen Rossetto, Sandra Gooding, Kristin Herold, Cynthia Lane, Tamika Sherman, Sara Jane Zeilstra, Leslie Ward, Betty Lauder, Mara Dionne Brock, Brigitte Carlson, Lindsey Kalcheim, Pamela Murphy, Lisa Engelman, Linda Zinger, Andy Mitchell, Ashley Brooks, Soumaya Young, Tracey Phillips, Jennifer Nagle, Carrie Schieble, Angelique Martin, Nicole De Santes, Chenoa Parr, Gabrielle D'Alemberte, Shauna McCarty, Tracy Robinson, Heather Johnson, Nittany Lions, April Lynne O'Connor, Judy Smith, Vicki Norton, Kathleen Lazar, Sandra Wanesky, Christine Kroczynski, Kathy Machinski, Natalie Ann Bogusky, Jennifer Price and Kimberly Paul including Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Penn State; The Governor and the Beauty features Tai Collins, Miss Virginia 1983, whose affair with Congressman Chuck Robb ended his political career.

Features: Fiction by Robert Block, A Blow For Freedom; Rude Boys by T.J. English; Ultimate TV by Neil Tesser; College Football Preview features Desmond Howard, coach Steve Spurrier, Carl Pickens, Dale Carter, Marco Coleman, Santana Dotson and others in All American Team photo; Playboy's Automotive Report by Ken Gross.

Pages: 202