Playboy magazine, November 2003

Cover: Daryl Hannah

Playmate: Divini Rae

Interview: Quentin Tarantino

20Q: Bill Murray

Features: "God and Satan in Bentonville" by Dan Baum.
"The Straight Dope" by Stephan Talty.
"This One Time, At Rock Camp..." by David Peisner.
"The Hedgehog at 50" (Ron Jeremy) by Eric Hedegaard.

Pictorials: World-Class Beauties includes girls from around the planet: Thais Ventura, Franciely Freduzeski, Nike Zalokar, Corina Tolan, Violeta Pavic, Tanja Kewitsch, Veronika Majnaric and Ksenia Linkova.
Daryl Hannah -10 page pictorial.