Playboy Magazine November 1958

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Playboy November 1958

Cover: Marianne Gaba

Playmate: Joan Staley

Photos: Peekaboo Brigitte features a collection of scenes from the films of Brigitte Bardot; The Cards Are Stacked - cards featuring models for all occasions.

Features: Satire, Oh Well What the Hell by John D. Keefauver is a take-off on the poetry of Lawrence Ferlinghetti; Robert George Reisner contributes a personality profile on Frank Sinatra; Sketches and humor by Shel Silverstein in Switzerland; Fun and Fashion on Skis by Iselin and Spectorsky; fiction, The Marvelous Lover by Joyce Engelson, The Jam by Henry Slesar, and A Sock In The Jaw by Ken Purdy.

Pages: 96

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