Playboy Magazine November 1972

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Playboy November 1972

Cover: Pam Rawlings

Playmate: Leena Sjooblom

Interview: Jack Anderson

Pictorials: Variation on a Vadim Themefeatures Gwen Welles, director Roger Vadim's newest sensation; Sex In Cinema 1972features Shirley MacLaine, Burt Reynolds, Dyan Cannon, Dominque Sanda, Sean Connery, Lana Wood, Susan George, Barbara Bouchet, Pam Grier, Woody Allen , Diane Keaton, Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Heywood, Linda Lovelace, and many others.

Features: Brock Yates profiles hockey's goons (John Ferguson, Wayne Cashman,Keith Magnuson, Ken Hodge, others) in Hit Men; Betty Rollin explains Everything Dr, Reuben Doesn't Know About Sex; fiction by Werner Law, The Terrible Events In Santa Barbaraand Hal Bennett, Whatever Happened to Henry Oates?; Gary Hart and Al Green in "On The Scene" segment; 2-page Vargas Girl; Little Annie Fanny dates Ralph Raider.

Pages: 278