Playboy Magazine December 1957

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Playboy December 1957

Cover: Linda Vargas, Lisa Winters

Playmate: Linda Vargas

Interview: Hugh Hefner (interviewed by Mike Wallace)

Pictorials: Alone with Lisa - 4 pages of Lisa Winters.

Features: 4th Anniversary Issue: Vance Packard: The Manipulators ; Ralph Malcolm: The Little World of Harvey Kurtzman ; Harlan Draper: Quotemanship ; H. Allen Smith: The Impolite Sex ; John Sack: Right Little, Tight Little Island; Budd Schulberg, fiction: The Barracudas ; Gerald Kersh, fiction: Something On His Mind ; Thomas Mario: Your Just Desserts ; Jules Janin: The Loveliest Ladder ; Patrick Chase: International Datebook [February Delights]

Pages: 88

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