Playboy Magazine December 1959

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Playboy December 1959

Cover: 6th Anniversary Issue

Playmate: Ellen Stratton

Pictorials: Building a Better Brigitte featuring foreign beauties, Pascale Petit, Jacqueline Sassard, Sophie Destrades, Estella Blain, Gisele Gallois, Annette Vadim and Bardot herself.

Features: Fiction, A Fine Son by Roald Dahl, Crime at the Tennis Club by Alberto Moravia, Foul Ball by Max Shulman, December 28th by Theodore L. Thomas, and novellette, Before the Road by Jack Kerouac; satire, The Battler by Jules Feiffer cartoon; Roald Dahl; Gahan Wilson parodies Sherlock Holmes in cartoon form; LeRoy Neiman paintings: "The Moore County Hounds"; articles, The Legend of Don Juan by J.A. Gato, And Now, a Word from the Sponsor by Al Morgan, A Fine Italian Hand by T.K. Brown; humor, Commuter Special by Larry Siegel.

Pages: 140

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