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Playboy December 1963, 10th Anniversary Issue

Cover: Bunny Logo

Playmate: Donna Michelle, eventual PMOY (her face is also featured on page 3)

Interview: Albert Schweitzer

Pictorials: Susan Strasberg and Kim Novak; 11-page pictorial "Editor's Choice" features the top ten playmates from the first ten years: Janet Pilgrim, Lisa Winters, Joyce Nizzari, Ellen Stratton, Heidi Becker, Christa Speck, Connie Mason, Avis Kimble, Christine Williams, and Donna Michelle

Features: Hugh Hefner's, "The Playboy Philosophy", part 13; 5-page pictorial of figurines shot by Mario Casilli, "What A Night Before Christmas"; fiction by Ray Bradbury, "The Vacation"; Alberto Moravia, "Eyewitness"; Lawrence Durell, "A Corking Evening"; Autobiography: "How to Talk Dirty and Influence People" (Part 3 of 3) by Lenny Bruce; nostalgia, "The Noble Experiment", by Ben Hecht; J. Paul Getty explains "The Morals of Money"; 2-page fold out Vargas Girl on heavy cover stock, with LeRoy Neiman painting, "Madison Square Garden" on opposite side; Edwin Land, Woody Allen and Jim Clark in "On The Scene" segment; Little Annie Fanny speads holiday cheer.

Pages: 278