Playboy Magazine December 1970

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Playboy December 1970

Cover: Shay Knuth

Playmate: Carol Imhof

Interview: Robert Graves

Pictorials: Sex Stars of 1970 features Raquel Welch, Candace Bergen, Ursula Andress, Faye Dunaway, Elke Sommer, Paula Prentiss, Natalie Wood, Cynthia Myers and many more.

Features: Masters & Johnson explode sex myths; fiction: "Dealing" by Michael & Douglas Crichton writing as Michael Douglas, "Santa Claus in the Jungle" by Paul Theroux; "Another Christmas Carol" by PG Wodehouse; Little Memoirs by Richard Brautigan; an illustrated review of underground comics, including Zap, Snatch and others, by Jacob Brackman; Murray Kempton uncvoers the "Cosa Nostra"; William F. Buckley. Jr. spends "A Million and One Nights in Soviet Russia"; Little Annie Fanny; 2-page Vargas Girl.

Pages: 344

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