Playboy Magazine January 1959

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Playboy January 1959

Cover: Little Black Book photos

Playmate: Virginia Gordon

Pictorials: Playmate Review with Joan Staley, Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Mara Corday, Myrna Weber, Joyce Nizzari, Lari Laine, Linne Nanette Ahlstrad, Zahra Norbo, Pat Sheehan, Judy Lee Tomerlin, Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Cheryl Kubert, Natalie "Teri" Hope, Felicia Atkins.

Features: "The Music of the Yellow Brass" by Charles Beaumont; "The Right Approach" by P.G. Wodehouse; "A Dish of Desire" by J.P. Donleavy.; "No Room for Vice" by Ben Hecht.

Pages: 88