Playboy Magazine January 1965

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Playboy January 1965

Cover: 12 1964 Playmates

Playmate: Sally Duberson

Interview: Martin Luther King

Pictorials: Playmate Review features 1964 Playmates Nancy Scott, China Lee, Kai Brendlinger, Astrid Schulz, Rosemary Hillcrest, Jo Collins and others; Peter Ustinov's harems pictorial.

Features: Fiction by Jack Kerouac, "Good Blonde"; Vladimir Nabokov, "The Eye" (Part 1 of 3); Arthur C. Clarke, "Dial F for Frankenstein"; Harold Pinter, "Tea Party"; and P. G. Wodehouse, "Bingo Bans the Bomb"; Humor by Shel Silverstein, "Uncle Shelby's Kiddie Corner"; Bennett Cerf, "Wag Dogs Tails"; William Saroyan, "I Don't Get It"; Woody Allen, "My War With the Machines"; Articles by Terry Southern, "Seeing is Believing"; J. Paul Getty, The Psychology of Personnel Management"; Mortimer Adler, "The Not-So-Classic Classics" and Ray Bradbury, "Remembrances of Things Future"; Part 20 of the Playboy Philosophy by Hugh Hefner; 2-page Vargas Girl on heavy cover stock fold-out; Hostileman cartoon by Jules Feiffer; Little Annie Fanny meets James Bomb.<

Pages: 238