Playboy Magazine January 1967

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Playboy January 1967

Cover: Judy Tyler, Melinda Windsor, Dianne Chandler

Playmate: Surrey Marshe

Interview: Fidel Castro

Pictorials: Playmate Review pictorial features playmates of 1966, including Tish Howard, Dolly Read, Linda Moon, Susan Denberg, Lisa Baker, Melinda Windsor and others; pictorial: The Playmate as Fine Art features renderings of playmates by contemporary artists including Salvador Dali, Roy Schnackenberg, George Segal, Frank Gallo, Alfred Leslie and others; History of Sex In Cinema Part XIV: Sex Stars of the Fifties features 13 pages of Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Novak, Diana Dors, Arlene Dahl, Anita Ekberg and many others.

Features: Five artiles on Lenny Bruce: "Lenny on Life and Death" by Lenny Bruce, "The Last Show" by Dick Schaap, "Who Be Kind To" by Allen Ginsberg, "Memoriam" by Reverend Howard Moody, and a collection of tributes by Phil Spector, Jules Feiffer, Paul Krassner, Hugh Hefner, Newsweek, and others; fiction by Ray Bradbury, "The Lost City Of Mars"; Isaac Bashevis Singer, "The Riddle"; P. G. Wodehouse, "George and Alfred"; Len Deighton, "An Expensive Place to Die", (Part 2 of 4); two page foldout Vargas Girl on heavy cover stock with LeRoy Neiman painting of NY Disco on opposite side; Jules Feiffer's Hostileman returns in a six-page color cartoon; Little Annie Fanny becomes a superhero; On the Scene, the Playboy Advisor, Party Jokes, movie, video, music, and book reviews, and much more.

Pages: 272