Playboy Magazine January 1968

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Playboy January 1968

Cover: Gwen Wong, DeDe Lind, Angela Dorian, Kim Farber

Playmate: Connie Kreski

Interview: Ogden Nash

Pictorials: Encore for Stella Stevens (outstanding 10-page pictorial); The annual Playmate Review including (by month from 1967) Surrey Marshe, Kim Farber, Gwen Wong, Anne Randall, Fran Gerard, Joey Gibson, Heather Ryan, DeDe Lind, Angela Dorian, Reagan Wilson, Kaya Christian, Lynn Winchell.

Features: Outstanding linup of writers, essayists, artists: fiction by John Cheever, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Saul Bellow; articles, opinions and humor by J. Paul Getty, Ray Bradbury, Marvin Kitman, Arthur C. Clarke, R. Buckminster Fuller, Art Buchwald, Stirling Moss on auto racing, Shel Silverstein in Hollywood, Little Annie Fanny; a six-page gallery of Vargas through the decades, plus a two-page fold-out on heavy card stock with Vargas Girl on one side and LeRoy Neiman's painting of Rosati's Piazza Del Popolo.

Pages: 272