Playboy Magazine January 1970

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Playboy January 1970

Cover: Shay Knuth, Leslie Biancini, Laurie Menconi, Jean Bell, Kathy McDonald

Playmate: Jill Taylor

Interview: Raquel Welch

Pictorials: Playmate Review with Kathy MacDonald, Claudia Jennings, Shay Knuth, Laurie Menconi, Nancy McNeil and others.

Features: Fiction by Irwin Shaw, "Thomas In Elysium"; Tennessee Williams, "A Recluse and His Quest"; Graham Greene, Crook's Tour; humor by Art Buchwald, "The Most Unforgettable Swordsman"; Mort Sahl, "Charmed By A Snake"; Articles on bringing together a divided nation by George McGovern, Cesar Chavez, Julian Bond and Tom Wicker; Little Annie Fanny gets busted for grass; LeRoy Neiman: "Monaco" with four pages of paintings; VARGAS gallery (8 pages of VARGAS GIRLS) plus a fold-out 2-page Vargas Girl on one side and Neiman painting (Monaco) on the other, on heavy white cover stock.

Pages: 304