Playboy Magazine January 1971

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Playboy January 1971

Cover: Mary and Madeline Collinson, Jennifer Liano, Sharon Clark, Debbie Ellison

Playmate: Liv Lindeland

Interview: Mae West

Pictorials: Playmate Review presents the 1970 Playmates including Linda Forsythe, Barbara Hillary, Sharon Clark, Jill Taylor, Carol Imhof, Jennifer Liano, the Collinson twins; The Act Of Love a five-page artsy pictorial of lovers; Stalking The Wild Veruska ten pages of superstar model Veruska.

Features: Symposium on "The High Cost Of Fame" with panelists Sam Houston Johnson, Studs Terkel, Kurt Vonnegut, Dan Wakefield, Mario Puzo, Gay Talese, Joe McGinnis, Michael Crichton, James Dickey; fiction by Arthur C. Clarke, Transit of Earth, Michael and Douglas Crichton writing as Michael Douglas,Dealing, Part 1 of 2; humor by Shel Silverstein, Silverstein Around the World, and Joan Rivers, Dear Women's Lib:; opinion and articles by David Halberstam, The Vietnamization of America, Alan Watts, The Future of Estascy and Bill Cosby, This One Will Kill You; profile of Joe Namath by Lawrence Linderman, High Noon for Broadway Joe; Vargas Girl and LeRoy Neiman Painting: Jamaica back to back on fold out cover stock; Little Annie Fanny visits a commune.

Pages: 284