Playboy Magazine January 1972

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Playboy January 1972

Cover: Liv Lindeland, Heather Van Every, Cynthia Hall, Willy Rey

Playmate: Marilyn Cole

Interview: Germaine Greer

Pictorials: Playmate Review with Liv Lindeland, Cynthia Hall, Willy Rey, Danielle de Vabre, Cathy Rowland, Janice Pennington, Karen Christy and five others; outstanding six-page pictorial of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange; Nude models are features as tarot card figures in Tarot: A Fresh Look at an Arcane Artwith text by Ray Russell.

Features: Double page fold-out (on fine cover stock) Vargas Girl (I already gave at the office) with a LeRoy Neiman rendering of Sotheby's Auction House on the reverse, plus more Neiman paintings; 5 pages of The Exhibitionistsby cartoonist Phil Interlandi; fiction by John Cheever, Artemis, the Honest Well Digger; Ray Bradbury, The Parrot Who Met Papa; Joyce Carol Oates, The Loves of Franklin Ambrose; dialog with Arthur C. Clarke and Alan Watts, Technology and Mysticism; articles by John Chancellor, Electronic Journalismand Gene Siskel, An Innterview With The Censor; symposium on The Moment of Truthwith Joe Frazier, Al Unser, Vida Blue, John Brodie, Marty Liquori, Larry Mahan and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Pages: 284