Playboy Magazine January 1973

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Playboy January 1973

Cover: Deanna Baker, Leena Sjooblom, Ellen Michaels, Linda Summers, Marilyn Cole

Playmate: Miki Garcia

Interview: Carroll O'Connor

Pictorials: Playmate Reviewpresents the 1972 Playmates including Deanna Baker, Susan Miller, Mercy Rooney, Lenna Sjooblom, Ellen Michaels, Linda Summers, Marilyn Cole; Pete Turner's Turn-Ons is six pages of photos by the pre-eminent photog; Dominique Sanda and Michael Bates in shots from the making of Impossible Object.

Features: Symposium on Fear with Red Adair, Denton Cooley, M.D., Aaron Henry, Jack Palance, Karl Wallenda, Robin Olds; Fiction by Herbert Gold, Candy-Coated Nightmares In Nirvana Bay, John Cheever, Triad: The Widow, The Passenger, The Belly, Sean O'Faolin, The Inside Outside Complex, and Paul Theroux, Dessert At The Belvedere; Paintings by LeRoy Neiman from Super Bowl (Miami-Dallas); article by William F. Buckley, To China with Nixon; sketches by artist Charles Bragg, The Forces of Death and the Forces of Life; humor by Art Buchwald, Advantage, God; two-page Vargas Girl; Little Annie Fanny visits Daddy Bigbucks.

Pages: 260