Playboy Magazine January 1975

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Playboy January 1975

Cover: Marilyn Lange, Nancy Cameron, Kristine Hanson, Bebe Buell, Francine Parks

Playmate: Lynnda Kimball

Interview: John Dean

Pictorials: Playboy Mansion West- 14 pages of photos of Hef's pad and various guests and Playmates including Barbi Benton, Joe Namath, Sammy Davis Jr., Linda Lovelace, Cyndi Wood, Jim Brown, Mick Jagger, Ralph Nader, Ringo Starr and others; Bardot - Incroyable!- 5 pages of splendid Brigitte; Playmate Reviewfeatures all twelve 1974 Playmates including Marilyn Lange, Nancy Cameron, Sandy Johnson, Carole Vitale, Pam Zinzer and the rest; George Plimpton, Playboy Photographer- 5 pages of the intrepid journalist's attempt to capture naked beauty.

Features: Fiction by Herbert Gold, Paternity, and John Updike, A Month of Sundays; essay by Sean O'Faolain, Good Night, Sweet Sherlock; Richard Rhodes on concaine use, A Very Expensive High8-page insert, the Playboy Dime Mystery, The Case of the Cockamamie Sisters, drawings by Robert Andrew Parker, text by John Blumenthal; 4-page cartoon by Arnold Roth, A Roundly Observed History of Sex; 4-page cartoon by Gilbert Shelton and Dave Sheridan, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers in Winter of '59; 2-page Vargas Girl.

Pages: 272