Playboy Magazine January 1983

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Playboy January 1983

Cover: Audrey & July Landers

Playmate: Lonny Chin

Interview: Dudley Moore

20 Questions: Herschel Walker

Pictorials: Blonde Ambitions features 8 pages of Audrey & Judy Landers ; Playmate Reviewfeatures all of the 1982 Playmates including Kym Malin, Marianne Gravatte (eventual PMOY), Kimberly McArthur, Charlotte Kemp, Lourdes Estores and the rest; Photos by Hurrell women photographed by George Hurrell include some classics of Jane Russell, Jean Harlow, Rita Hayworth, Maria Mantez, Mae West, plus two pages of Shannon Tweed and a back-to-back fold-out of her on heavy paper stock.

Features: Fiction by Stephen King, The Word Processor and Isaac Bashevis Singer, Why Heisherik Was Born; articles by William F. Buckley, Larry L. King, D. Keith Mano and Leonard Michaels in A Matter of StyleG. Gordon Liddy espouses Ten Thing That Make Me Laugh; profile of Eddie Murphy by Pater W. Kaplan; Little Annie Fanny goes hot-tubbing.

Pages: 276