Playboy Magazine January 1985

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Playboy January 1985

Cover: Goldie Hawn

Playmate: Joan Bennett

Interview: Goldie Hawn

20Q: Diane Lane

Pictorials: Playmate Review features all of the 1984 Playmates: Lesa Ann Pedriana, Roberta Vasquez, Justine Greiner, Suzi Schott, Kim Evenson, Debi Johnson, Dona Speir, Tricia Lange, Karen Velez, Liz Stewart, Penny Baker, Patty Duffek; Playboy Bloopers offers on-the-set shots of various Playmates, Terri Welles, Hope Olson, Patti McGuire, Gig Gangel, Kym Herrin, Cathy St. George, Suzi Schott, Cyndi Wood, Kimberly McArthur, Joan Bennett, Kym Malin, Patricia Farinelli, Marlene Janssen, Linda Rhys Vaughn, Patricia McClain, Daina House, Laura Misch, Cathy Larmouth, Connie Kreski, Sheila Mullen, Shannon Tweed, Patty Duffek, Lynda Wiesmeier, Gail Stanton and Ashley Cox; Girls of Rock and Roll are Apollonia Kotero, Debra Raye, Pam and Paula Mattioli (twins), Natalie Pace, Bettina Koster, Dale Bozzio, Terri Nunn, Grace Jones, Bebe Buell, Becky LeBeau, Freida Parton, Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley, Steivie Nicks, Judi Dozier, Pat Benatar, Khari Paige, Tina Turner, Pamela Stonebrook, Diana Ross, June, Bonnie and Ruth Pointer, Dilithium Cristil (a.k.a. Celena Allen), Vanity and Cheryl Rixon.

Features: "Redefining Smart" by William F. Buckley Jr.; "Fathers, Sons, Blood" by Harry Crews; "Wholesome Blues" by Larry L. King; "The Women and Dogs in My Life" by Willie Morris; "Freaks and the American Ideal of Manhood" by James Baldwin; Insider's Guide to Women's Colleges; Little Annie Fanny.

Pages: 210