Playboy Magazine February 1988

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Playboy February 1988

Cover: Sandy Greenberg

Playmate: Kari Kennell

Interview: Oliver Stone

20 Questions: Harold Washington, Chicago Mayor

Pictorials: 10-page pictorial of popular British Page 3 Girls including Maria Whittaker, Jackie St. Clair, Maggie Longhurst, Gail McKenna and others; The Year In Rex pictorial features Brigitte Neilsen, Jessica Hahn, Donna Rice, Doonesbury, Princess Di, Ilona Staller, Traci Lords and many others.

Features: Pete Dexter profiles Mike Tyson in "Tyson The Terrible"; William F. Buckley, Jr. delves into the undercover in "Why Spy?"; Ben Stein critiques TV writing in "Minimum Headroom"; Raquel Welch and David Bowie in "On the Scene" segment.

Pages: 174