Playboy Magazine March 1963

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Playboy March 1963

Cover: Cynthia Maddox

Playmate: Adrienne Moreau

Interview: Bertrand Russell

Pictorials: Playmate of the Year? A preview of finalists June Cochran, Avis Kimble and Laura Young

Features: The Playboy Philosophy: Part Four; fiction Mortmain by Graham Greene; Hung Jury by Hoke Norris; The Song of the Four-Colored Sell by Herbert Gold; novelette, Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves! (conclusion) by P. G. Wodehouse; Shel Silverstein in Miami; Henry Mancini, Richard Hunt and Bobby Fisher in On The Scene segment; Little Annie Fanny makes a foreign film. Plus: On the Scene, the Playboy Advisor, Party Jokes, movie, video, music, and book reviews, and much more.

Pages: 170