Playboy Magazine March 1971

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Playboy March 1971

Cover: Peggy Smith

Playmate: Cynthia Hall

Interview: Dick Cavett

Pictorials: The Girls of Holland, 12 pages; The Curious Story of Cherie In Wonderlandis a five-page pictorial of actress Cherie Latimer on-and-off the set of the the Paul Mazursky film "Alex in Wonderland" with Donald Sutherland.

Features: Profile of Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley by Mike Royko; fiction by Ellery Queen, The Three Students, Arthur Kretchmer, Polluted Man and James Kahn, The Box; Ken W. Purdy reviews mini-cars, with road tests of the Austin America, Gremlin, Opel 1900 Sport Coupe, Saab 99E 4-door, Datsun 510, Fiat 850 and others; Bruno Bettelheim and Richard Flacks explore The Roots Of Radicalism; A Playboy Pad: Walk-in Work of Art focuses on artist Sebastain Trovato's Miami home; 4 pages of cartoons by Michael Ffolkes in Ffolkes Inferno; ful page cartoon by B. Kliban, Jimmy the Log; two-page Vargas Girl.

Pages: 230