Playboy Magazine April 1957

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Playboy April 1957

Cover: Elaine Conte

Playmate: Gloria Windsor

Pictorials: SEXONLEX-the most pulchritude-packed palazzo in all of New York - article and photos by Carl Bakal, describes the hustle of 480 Lexington Avenue, a block-long building filled with the studios of advertising photographers and frequented by gorgeous models.

Features: Fiction, The Sergeant and the Slave Girl by T. K. Brown III, All Through The Night by Nelson Algren, and Victory Parade by Henry Slesar; humor, The Power of Positive Thinking by William Iversen; The Compleat Sports Car Stable; Exurbanites at Play by A.C. Spectorsky (Spec); Hemingway - Pastiche, by Jed Kiley; Ribald Classic is The Wayward Wife by Guy De Maupassant.

Pages: 80