Playboy Magazine April 1989

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Playboy April 1989

Cover: Erica Eleniak

Playmate: Jennifer Jackson

Interview: The I.R.A. (Irish Republican Army with Danny Morrison, Gerry Adams and I.R.A Provo)

20 Questions: Mario Lemieux

Pictorials: Girls of the Big East includes Pam Abbott, Leigh Ann Pratte, Amy Olsen, Ann Marie Haggerty, Alexis Ciccone, Cynthia Snead, Angelique Schuldenfrei, Kimberly Adamonis, Dina Marks, Diana Lockett, Elizabeth Burns, Vera Sobey, Michele McLean, Mim Parker, Nancy Hahn, Bonnie Perrin, Thea Crane, Renee Golla, Monique Mills, Alexis Ciccone, Vivian Grady, Allison Decker, Ann Wagner, Irene Tarassuk, Amanda Stevens, and Kathy Wonar; Beach Blast features spring break beach action with Velvet Ray, Juliet Smith, Laura Mandoske, Sherrie Ann Rose, and Bonnie Takasy ; Wet Mischief features Marilyn Cole and other models in hot minikinis (strapless swimsuits)

Features: Burning Desires: Rex In America by Steve Chapplr and David Talbot; Profile of Utah Jazz' Karl Malone in "The Mailman Cometh," by Peter Knobler; fiction, House of Cards by Conall Ryan; Why the Movies Don't Work for Me by James R. Petersen; Fire In the Belly by Brock Yates.

Pages: 178