Playboy Magazine May 1957

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Playboy May 1957

Cover: Steamship collage by Art Paul

Playmate: Dawn Richard

Pictorials: Li'l Abner's Gals by comic strip creator Al Kapp, presents the cast of the Broadway play, including Daisy Mae played by Edith Adams, Moonbeam McSwine (Carmen Alvarez), Stupefyin' Jones (Julie Newmar), and Appassionata Van Climax (Tina Louise),The Postal Peel of Peaches Page - an enterprising British stripper uses the postal system to her unique advantage.

Features: Fiction, Master of the Revels by Al Morgan, The Not Nice Guy by Herbert Gold; Little Land of the Big Wheel by John Sack, explores the inner workings of Monaco; humor, The French They Are a Funny Race by William Iversen, and Return to Tokyo by Shel Silverstein; Tiger Hunt in Cooch Behar by Prakash C. Jain with photos from India.

Pages: 80

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