Playboy Magazine May 1971

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Playboy May 1971

Cover: Diane Davies

Playmate: Janice Pennington

Interview: John Wayne

Pictorials: Bunnies of New Yorkfeatures Playmates Barbara Hillary, Debbie Ellison, Helena Antonaccio and many others; Right Numberfeatures Sarah Kennedy as star of the movie. "The Telephone Book."

Features: Fiction by V.S. Pritchett, The Trip,and Robert Block, Animal Fair; profile of poet James Dickey by Geoffrey Norman; three pages of cartoons by John Dempsey, The Swingers; James Collier explodes The Procreation Myth; Robert Sherrill takes on electric utilities in Power Play; Garry Wills looks at draft-dodgers in Canada inWorld 42, Freaks 0; full page Vargas Girl.

Pages: 258