Playboy Magazine May 1978

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Playboy May 1978

Cover: Debra Peterson

Playmate: Kathryn Morrison

Interview: Anita Bryant

Pictorials: Supermodel Anita Russell; Richard Fegley, Phillip Dixon and other photographers try out the 110 cameras on seductive models; Buck Henry spends a whimsical night at Plato's Retreat while Playboy does the real thing in a super pictorial featuring public sex clubs Plato's Retreat, Night Moves and Midnight Interlude.

Features: Symposium on Women's lib, with statements by Art Buchwald, Peter Frampton, Evel Knievel, Mike Royco, Tony Bennett, Howard Cosell, Harry Reems, Dr. Spock and others; Pete Axhelm raises the bookie to heroic stature; fiction by Kinglsey Amis - "The Darkwater Hall Mystery", John Updike - "The Faint"; cartoons by Kliban; Little Annie Fanny.

Pages: 262