Playboy Magazine May 1982

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Playboy May 1982

Cover: Vickie Reigle

Playmate: Kym Malin

Interview: Billy Joel

20 Questions: Cast of SCTV

Pictorials: Beauty & the Badgeportrays NYC policewoman Barbara Schantz in her best light; Quest For Dawn - 6 pages of Rae Dawn Chong; Sofa, So Good - a Playboy's Roving Eye pictorial is a report from Houston, Texas on "Sofa Dancing", complete with great nude photos, of the trend that quickly becoame known as lap dancing.

Features: Fiction, Interstellar Pigeon by Donald E. Westlake, and Poppa Superdude by John Clayton; The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Hollywood memoir by playright Larry L. King about the making of the film; Real Men Don't Eat Quiche- humor by Bruce Feirstein; LeRoy Neiman Sketchbook features a relaxing color sketch of Tina Turner; The Compleat Personal Computer features early models, including the Osborne 1, IBM Persoanl Computer, Sinclair ZX81, Radio Shack's LNW80 and Logical's David; Man and Woman, Part 5: The Perils of Paul, The Pangs of Pauline; Profile of Bobby Ray Inman, in The Smartest SpyThe Year in Movies; Joan Jett, Grace Slick, Ted Nugent with wife, Pele, Pai Zadora, Linda Gray and Jimmy Connors in Grapevine segment; Dear Playmates; Playboy Funnies.

Pages: 266