Playboy Magazine May 1988

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Playboy May 1988

Cover: Laurie Carr

Playmate: Diana Lee

Interview: Don King

20 Questions: Teri Garr

Pictorials: Star Treat uncovers Denise Crosby; Kathy Goes Hollywood offers a sophiticated look at 30th Anniversary Playmate, Kathy Shower.

Features: articles, The Fitness Myth by William Barry Furlong, The Twisted Vision of Ralph Steadman by self-proclaimed Gonzo Journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, High Noon at GM by Albert Lee, fantasy baseball explored in I Signed Nolan Ryan For Eight Dollars by Kevin Cook; fiction, A Small Matter of Consumer Protection by George V. Higgins, and, Slow, Slow Burn by George Alec Effinger; the photography of Helmut Newton is the subject of Helmut's Angels ; The Year in Movies.

Pages: 176