Playboy Magazine June 1982

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Playboy June 1982

Cover: Shannon Tweed

Playmate: Lourdes Ann Kananimanu Estores

Interview: Sugar Ray Leonard

20 Questions: Brandon Tartikoff

Pictorials: Flower - reveals singer/model Cheryl Flor; Playmate of the Year - 14 pages of spectacular Shannon Tweed.

Features: Fiction, To The Letter, Harry by James McClure and Lee and Me at the Open by Kevin Cook; The Celebrity Sex Register by Shirley Sealy, a steamy guide to who did whom; The Masochists' Marathon by Lee Green, explores the virtues of the Western States Endurance Run; Man and Woman, Part 6: The Main Event; profile of Dan Aykroyd by Carol Caldwell; article, Holy Terror by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman, explores mind control through fundamentalist religion; LeRoy Neiman Sketchbook of a nude washing down a yatch; Little Annie Fanny tries mud-wrestling; Ronnie Spector, Glynnis O'Connor, Alice Cooper, Liza Minelli, James Caan, Johnny Carson and Robin Williams in Grapevien segment; Dear Playmates; Playboy Funnies.

Pages: 290